Hello, Internet. It has been a long, long day, which is why you're being treated to a picture of my outfit and nothing more. Well, I guess you haven't seen this room before, so that's new. This is our "third bedroom," also known as "The TV Room," and also, "That Room Where Guests Sleep, Sometimes On The Floor."

I bought the daybed at an estate sale a while back, and it smelled so strongly of smoke that I had to literally douse it in bleach. It still smells faintly when it rains. This is where Vince and I drink our coffee in the morning, and watch SportsCenter together. I know you think that is very romantic.

All of the bed's clothes came with the bed (except for the bedskirt, which I had made), and all of my clothes came from J. Crew. The end. Go have a Monday cocktail, and fix one for me.

AuthorAB Chao
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