Thanks to Victoria for coming up with this fun plan! I'm Blogging It Forward to Heart and Craft, so be sure to check her site out Monday. And now, without further ado, my list: 1. Kelly Wearstler. Well, Kelly Wearstler's hair. And Kelly Wearstler's black kitchen design. 2007-04-kwearstler 2. Weirsie! (Johnny Weir, my Olympics boyfriend.) weirsie 3. Jessica Helgerson, who is design perfection. helgerson1 4. J. Crew (and Jenna Lyons, of course, and Jenna Lyons's house, and that one J. Crew bathroom she designed and oh wait I sound like a stalker.) jcrew 5. Black and white stripes, especially on the ceiling. I am going to have to do that to something soon. stripes Thanks again to Victoria! You inspire us all, girl. (Photo credit: 1. 2. Getty Images 3. 4. 5. Domino)
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