1. We have locations! We have locations! We have... guess. Locations! Our DC camp will be held on Saturday, Sept. 28 at the gorgeous Ulysses Room in Truxton Circle. Spaces are limited, and all camps are on sale right now, so I'd advise you to sign your cute selves up right this second.

2. Our NOLA camp will be held Saturday, Oct. 19 at Hattie Sparks, a cute shop where you will arrive for camp and then promptly buy everything in there. Hey, it's not my fault you can't control yourself. In addition, there will be a pop-up shop with hand-selected items from Amelia Presents, located in Oxford, MS. Deep South, represent! 

3. Our Raleigh Camp, on Sunday, Sept. 15, is almost sold out, like, there is one spot left. Go sign up here. BREAKING: I've just been informed that you may look at and/or touch Jamie Meares for an extra $5. Cash only.

4. For those of you who have asked, I am taking local clients in DC. Interested? Let me know. Yay!

5. I have space for two more camps before the year is up. What do y'all say? NYC and LA? Talk to me.

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The above image is from my Philadelphia camp a couple of weeks ago. Everyone received a new item that Clementine Emily has been working her little fingers to the bone on -- a leather-bound measuring tape! Can you think of anything better? I cannot.

And now a couple of impt AB Chao Design Camp notes:

1. I have one (ONE) (1) (wun) spot open for Denver this Saturday, due to a cancellation. Go get it!

2. All other camps are on sale, as well, starting right now and continuing until further notice. Why? Because I am the mother and I said so. No coupon code necessary -- just sign yourself up.

3. New city announcements coming soon, once I figure out where we are going. As ever, stay tuned!

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Yo, what's up, Internet? It's Monday. I have some camp notes. Let's get to it:

1. Last week, after Alt, I held a mini design camp in Salt Lake City at a nice person's house. It was so much fun -- a small, funny, sweet group of ladies attended, and there were many fun times and drinking of champagne and learning of things. Also: RIBS.

Heather's friend Kate -- along with her adorable husband -- fixed us the most amazing lunch of ribs, macaroni & cheese, and salad. Oh, and some kind of crazy double chocolate chocolate chip (with a side of chocolate) cookies. Thank you so much, Kate! I hope to one day return the favor, in the form of a pony, or a big box of money, or maybe a BRAND NEW CAR.

Campers + Chuck + Coco = LOVE 4 EVER. Photo by Intern Beth.

Another huge thanks to Heather, Tyrant, and Intern Beth + Zac Efron.

2. Los Angeles is this weekend, what what! And I want you all to be there. Would you like to be there? Would you like 15% off? Then please accept this coupon code: DCLA15. Thank you. I accept you.

3. Due to circumstances beyond my control, Dallas has been put on hold until further notice. It IS happening -- it's just not happening on March 2. Please accept my deepest apologies, and watch this space for updates.

4. Thank you to everyone who has signed up for camp this year! I am so excited about you. And, hey, Denver, Boston, and Minneapolis: see you SO SOON!

5. Speaking of those three cities, I am still working out details and scouting spaces. Can you help? Do you want to intern? Would you like to work together to promote your company + make camp pretty? Get at me.

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My hotel room, Chicago 2012

Happy weekend, friends! Just a few things before I shut it down for the week and open this bottle of wine.

1. There are two (2) spots left for the SLC Mini Camp. Hurry, hurry! It's in two (2) weeks!

2. Many of you have written to ask when I will be scheduling the rest of the locations I mentioned in the cities announcement post -- Atlanta, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Vancouver. If I have not scheduled them yet, that means they will all take place in late summer/early fall. So don't worry, they are still happening! I just don't know when yet.

3. I am sad about it, but I may have to cancel the Dallas Mini, due to a scheduling conflict with a certain high school senior's crazy schedule. I may add it back in the summer/fall, but honestly there hasn't been much interest in Texas in general, so maybe it's for the best. 

4. I'm looking for a) an event space and b) an intern for both Los Angeles (Feb 9-10) and Denver (Mar 23-24). If you have information regarding these items, please leave it in the comments or email me

5. Tomorrow, a big group of DC campers are getting together for brunch and shopping. They have been so good about staying in touch with each other, and even made themselves a little Facebook group to discuss such important subjects as cardboard unicorns and rug sales. Would any of you former (and future!) campers like for me to make a group like that for y'all? I can't decide whether it should be city-specific or just one big amalgamated party. Thoughts? Opinions? Give it to me.

And now, some lovely photos from the Chicago camp, which seems like a hundred years ago now.

We Are The Barkers' studio. Such a great place to have camp. Thanks, Barkers!

I did a little contest for the first time ever, and these cute Ban.do hearts were the prizes. The questions were hard, too, like, "What is my favorite color of white paint?" 

Please note random football stuck behind pipe on studio wall.

Cake balls! I have never had a cake ball in my life. They were pretty good.

Special guest Nicole answered lots of Chicago-related questions, and also revealed her talent for magic tricks. Just kidding, I have no idea what she is doing here.

What a cute group. Thanks, Chicagoans, for an amazing mini camp in your fair (windy) city!


Want to come to camp? Of course you do!




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Ladies and gentlemen (oh, let's face it, just ladies), please take note of the following:

1. Salt Lake City Mini Camp is coming up quick! In exactly one month, actually. Don't you think you should treat yourself to a post-Christmas present of crazy-amazing times and a head-spinning amount of design-related learning? And also a lot of hyphenated words? You should. You deserve it after putting up all those decorations and so successfully avoiding that fight about politics with your dad. Camp will be held at the home of one Heather Armstrong, which will be super fun because we are SO going to trash the place. Sign your cute self up now!

2. Next up, in February, we have Los Angeles. Oh, Los Angeles, how I have missed you. Apparently there is also a new baby there or something. NO BIG DEAL. I will be staying in L.A. for a couple of extra days (see above, re: baby), so if your name is Greg Berlanti, or you have ever worked for or been in the same room as Greg Berlanti, let's have lunch, please. Thank you for your cooperation. No location has been secured for L.A. as of yet, but I am working on it and will let you know when I have found the perfect spot. Sign up here!

3. I wanted to get you a Christmas gift, but I couldn't figure out how to ship all those ponies. In lieu of that, ALL CAMPS are 20% off until the new year. Just a little gift from me to you. Use the code PONIES at checkout. Yay! Hooray! Happy holidays!

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