Summer! It's made of striped cover-ups, dotted wedges, hot colors, cool braids, and watermelon drinks. And if you're me, it's made of all of that, plus you get to buy a car after 11 years. I am having a really hard time saying goodbye to my 2000 Honda (even though we are keeping it to give to our teenager, who will be licensed in 20 days), but I'm having a much better time saying hello to my new car. Her name is Oprah. You be quiet.

Anyway, here are some exciting summer things that I love, for your viewing enjoyment:


1. Striped cashmere hoodie, C.Z. Falconer 2. Dot wedge, Marc Jacobs 3. Bertoia side chair 4. Rug, Suzanne Sharp for Rug Company 5. Striped shorts, Monrow 6. Rainbow Crystal Ring 7. Summer braid 8. Watermelon tap 9. Rope bracelet, Tanya Aguiniga 10. Mercedes C300

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