Lovers, I am currently in the weeds getting ready for this weekend's Seattle camp and next week's Portland camp, and also preparing tomorrow's hilarious/awesome giveaway post, but I need you to do me a favor by participating in this poll. It is a poll to help me decide where to go to camp next year! I am hoping to do one a month as I have this year, but I'm thinking some of them will be regular camps (2 days) and some of them will be mini-camps (1 day). I've tried to list cities I haven't visited before, but if you have another vote, please let me know in the "Other" category.

THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE: Y'all are about to kill me with the "Other" responses, although I will definitely consider them all. But if you can, please try to choose from the list of cities. PLEEEEEZE? Thank you. I love that lipstick.

ANYWAY. With all that in mind, please help me figure out where to go. And if you have a bunch of friends who would be interested, send them this link and tell them to vote, too! Or re-tweet it or Facebook it or put it on Friendster, I don't care: just use your fave social media platform. I am an inquiring mind, and I need to know. (PS, some of these locations are not for real. Unless you WANT to have a design camp in Antarctica.)

If I receive a certain number of responses -- I don't know, 500? That seems like a pretty good challenge -- I promise to show you a video of my husband, Vince "Chairman" Chao, attempting to juggle ping-pong balls (A thing he is doing in this picture. Where are the ping-pong balls, you ask? WHO KNOWS.)

This is funny because Vince Chao is pretty much immediately excellent at everything he tries. And I do mean everything. In fact, in over twelve years of marriage, the only things I've found he cannot do reliably are: 1) Say any word in the French language, and 2) juggle. It's actually kind of mind-boggling. Anyway, you will be rewarded with this video, and it will make you laugh, a lot. But first: the poll.

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I accidentally took these Japanese magnolia branches from our neighbor’s tree. She did tell me I was welcome to her camellias, so I may get off on a technicality. I basically did nothing to this photo — they are just that beautiful.

In other news, The Damn Millionaires have started updating their site again. That is delightful to me. Please go there and enjoy their latest guitar riff of the week, which is more like a song, and features my husband and some friends from Enoch’s. It may give you some insight into exactly what it is like for me to live with Vince Chao, who probably recorded this entire thing while a) watching SportsCenter, b) drinking both coffee and a beer, and c) playing fetch with Hank. Also, it’s called “Soultime.” Come on, y’all can’t resist that. Right here.