Hello! Did you miss me? I have been gone for a million days to a wedding in the San Juan Islands, where Vince Chao's cousin Christy married a nice man named Jason. They are both dentists, and all of their friends are dentists, so there was a lot of this happening:

"Hey, can you look at this spot?" "Um, do y'all think this can be fixed?" "Is this an abscess?" "Does anyone have any painkillers?" And so forth.

The wedding was held in the beautiful back yard of a couple on Orcas Island, overlooking the water, and it could not have been anymore beautiful. If I didn't have to drive to Dallas, catch a flight to Seattle, rent a car, drive two hours to Anacortes, get on a ferry, and then drive some more, I would totally buy a vacation house there.

The happy couple was backlit, so this is the best I could do in the way of photos.

You can still see, I'm sure, how beautiful Christy and her man looked.

The reception started off slow, but after a few beverages, everyone had a good old Southern get-down dance party. Christy is originally from Louisiana by way of Taiwan, so she's got dual-country skills. The next day we ran into the groom's parents on our way to the ferry and they went on and on about our dancing. I think they may have been over-served.

We spent three glorious days on the island, but we also spent some time in Seattle, which was awesome. First we went to Delancey, where I got to meet my beloved Shauna in person for the first time ever.

Then we ate the best meal ever. Then I caught Vince and Madeleine Chao having a heart-to-heart while I was in the bathroom. It was really cute.

Then Molly came to sit with us, and we bonded hardcore. And THEN we got to eat yet another meal with Miss Megan and her cute huz.

And finally it was time to make the long trip home, whereupon we all fell into a deep sleep for a frillion hours.

Thanks, Christy and Jason, for letting us be a part of your beautiful wedding. And thanks, Seattle, for the sun and cool weather. You are awesome and we will be back.

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