Sometimes I wear things in pictures that people ask about over and over again. I love it because it makes me feel like I have super good taste, but it's also sad when I have to write the same email over and over again. So, inspired by cute Natalie's feature, Where Did You Get That?, welcome to the first installment of Tell Me About Them Boots. (The name is a work in progress.)

These boots are by far the most asked-about thing I own, and it is probably because I wear them so much. I bought them about five years ago at Habitat, and they are still going strong! What's funny is that they are basically work boots. I love that. The brand is J Shoes (not to be confused with J Brand, which makes very cute jeans), and the style is called "Piston." Which sounds kind of gross, but as you can see, is not.

Unfortunately, I am pretty sure the boots are unavailable now, unless you get really lucky on eBay. But! Allow me to suggest some alternatives:

Red Wing Work Boots. These maybe only come in men's? I can't figure it out by searching. But if you can find them in your size, these are nearly identical to the Pistons. Here is a page that has a lot of options for your perusal.

Up next is my personal favorite, the Frye Billy boot.

It's not exactly the same, but it's close, and it performs the same function: being short enough to wear with everything from jeans to dresses to bathing sarongs (What? Don't judge me.)

I would also like to suggest the Frye Harness boot in the 8" height, which is totally a classic and which I will be buying in black this fall, so as to feel as kick-ass as possible. I urge you to do the same.


OK! That is all. Have a happy weekend, and may the boots be ever in your favor.

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Before Before My 5 year old child (she is actually 14 but that hurts to admit) is going to high school in a few weeks, so I decided she needed an all new big girl room design for her new big girl life. She went to a 3-week camp in mid-July, at which point Vince and I began working furiously to paint, refinish the floors, and redecorate her room. The whole thing was a big surprise, so I spent the last 3 weeks being alternately excited about the whole thing, and nervous that she would hate it. She didn't. A lot. Before Before Admittedly, these are some awful before pictures (I had already started slinging stuff around, and the bed was originally against the opposite wall), but you get the idea. The walls/floor are the biggest improvements. They were in pretty bad shape. I got most of the furniture at Ikea. Accessories/rugs are from various sources -- Crate & Barrel, Urban Outfitters, eBay, thrifted. After After After After After After More pictures on Flickr.
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