The first time I had a Dark & Stormy was at a magical place called Bar Tonique in New Orleans, which seems fitting, what with Isaac getting all in our grill and whatnot.

Bar Tonique classifies the Dark & Stormy as a "cooler," and its recipe boasts a list of fancy things like "black strap navy rum, house-made ginger syrup, house-made demerara syrup," and "charged water." I do not know what several of those things are. Will I let that stop me? NO.

*This bottle opener is from Vince's parents' restaurant, now closed, and is one of two surviving copies. China Doll!

Since I live in a decidedly non-NOLA city, we are going to use fewer ingredients, and also store-bought ones. I know you don't think I'm about to make my own ginger syrup when there is a storm on the way.


Dark rum

Ginger beer

How to make it:

1. Pack a glass with ice. (We used a 59-cent bag of ice from Sonic, which I highly recommend if you are Sonic-adjacent. It is truly the best.)

2. Pour in two jiggers of rum (you should probably use Kraken Black Spiced Rum, since it is delicious, readily available, and has a good label). You can use the 1 oz. side of the jigger, or the 2 oz. side. I'll let you guess which side we used.

3. To that, add two jiggers of ginger beer...

4. ...and a quarter of a lime, squeezed. 

Mix all up. Enjoy in front of your Louisiana map.

Have another. Get all excited about photography and bust out your ancient Polaroid Land Camera. Take terrible pictures.

Have another. Wait for the rain.

Have another.

All photos: Ben Corda

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