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Dewit Design Camp: News Flash

Hello and happy Monday to you, internet! I have a few items of business to take care of as we start the week.

1. NOLA camp is coming up so fast I can't believe it! I went down for a day last week to finalize our catering + event space, and secured the cutest and best place in the world. It's on Prytania right across the courtyard from St. James Cheese (who will be serving our lunches, yay!), and I am so excited.

2. I've had some NOLA cancellations (damn you, Mother's Day!) so there are 2 spots available. Let's fill them! I know it's short notice, so perhaps a coupon will help? Use code DEWITNOLA to receive 20% off the camp fee. Go go go!

3. I'll be emailing all NOLA campers later in the week, so make sure to check the email account you signed up with or you will miss some pertinent info.

OK, I think that's it! I will now return to creating slides and being nervous. Woo!


Dewit Design Camp: News Flash

Hello, Dewit Nation! I have some interesting news for you. Please regard:

1. San Francisco Session II is going like hotcakes (mmm, hotcakes) so if you still want in, get on it.

2. Speaking of San Francisco, potential camper Megan B. can only attend SF I due to scheduling conflicts, so if anyone is wiling to trade with her and go to SF II, email me here

3. I have to be honest with y'all, I am a little concerned about Austin. Some cities are just more popular than others, and I cannot explain why. But Austin is coming up fast, and I do not have enough attendees, despite an enthusiastic verbal showing! So if you were thinking about coming or are on the fence or whatever, you need to sign up in the next few days. Come on, Texas, represent! As a former Texan, I will take it personally. And you know you want to spend a weekend having delicious cocktails in the San Jose courtyard (where I'll be staying every second I'm not telling y'all how to dewit). Go.

4. Who wants to have Camp in Chicago? I do. But I am only adding it if Oprah promises to attend.

5. Just kidding. Here you go, Chicago. I hear you're lovely in December. 

In closing, please enjoy this photo of the current state of my bathroom. I am actually kind of in love with that wallpaper -- which I am pretty sure is hand-painted-- I discovered under the drywall. Don't worry, I saved a big old piece.


Camp Additions: SF and DC

Photo by Lori Andrews and Shane Yuhas

I told y'all in the comments last week that I need 10 dedicated campers to add a city. And that is true! 15 would be awesome, obvs, but 10 is the minimum.

The current San Francisco camp is sold out, but I have heard from enough of you that I am adding another! And DC, I have added you as well, because a bunch of you have requested it. I've never been to DC, and I want to go there. So I am adding these extra two camps, but if they don't fill up, y'all are in big trouble. By which I mean, you better sign up now.

Here you go:

San Francisco II, July 28-29

Washington, DC: November 10-11.



Dewit Design Camp: News Flash

I guess Thursday is camp update day now? How do you like that? And hey, here's some news!

1. A famous person is coming to the Seattle class in September. Yay, Megan! Maybe she will show us how to make edible window treatments. I am working on the location, and will keep you all apprised.

2. Austin's class has a famous person too (Miss Laura Mayes, you may have heard of her, she invented some conferences?), and a class location! It's going to be held at the Royal Blue Grocery on Congress, and this place is OFF THE CHAIN, y'all. Check it:

Plus also: they have sandwiches downstairs! And a grocery! BAM.

2. UPDATE: There are two spots are zero spots left for San Francisco at the end of July -- thank you! The 25% off spot has been taken. See you at camp, Courtney!

3. I am also offering a 25% discount for the first person to sign up for New Orleans, for which I am adding 5 more spots (I originally recruited my friends to fill the class, but now I don't need their old sorry freeloading selves anymore. Just kidding, they can still come.). Y'all come to NOLA! It's going to be awesome. 25% more awesome than before.

4. What the hell, let's do Austin too. 25% off to the first signer-upper. Go!

5. I am real excited about this. So excited that it is making me monogram things. Y'all's swag is going to make Soulja Boy jealous, I'm just saying.

6. In closing, please enjoy this picture of my dining room with no chairs in it. Please do not enjoy the stains on the floor.


Dewit Design Camp: News Flash

First, I want to say thank you so much for all of the incredibly nice things y'all have said about the guest room I decorated, both here and at Dooce. I like y'all!

And now, on to camp business.

1. NOLA is going to be sold out in approximately five seconds, so if you want in, do it (dewit) ASAP. I also have a lead on a possible location, and if it works out, MINDS will be BLOWN. I'm super excited.

2. Atlanta Camp is now NYC Camp. This will make some of you sad, but of all the camp locations, this was the only one with zero signups. ZERO. However, I've had a lot of interest in NYC, so to NYC we will go. Yay!

3. All camp dates have been set, and are as follows:

NOLA: May 12-13
Austin: June 30-July 1
San Francisco: July 21-22
Seattle: September 15-16
NYC: October 20-21

4. San Francisco's location has been set: it is going to be held at the lovely Jordan Ferney's letterpress studio, which is, like, the best thing ever.

5. More info, including what "dewit" means, here. Sign up here. I love you all. The end!