Introducing my new favorite place on Etsy: inkkit.

Inkkit has gift wrap, ribbon, stickers, tape, tags, glitter, sequins, baker's twine, tape, and basically everything else you need to wrap the cutest presents in the land.

I have got to have some of that gold sequin ribbon. I would like to bedeck my entire house, and possibly myself, with it.

The shop also does custom colors, patterns, and the like -- I sent a little note with what I wanted for DC Camp, and they put together an adorable "Inspire Me" gift pack for my campers that included gift tags, glitter stickers, and one of those awesome twig pencils, among other things. So awesome. Look:

I'm about to place a big order for the holidays, and I may or may not go over budget, so if your gift is an empty box festooned with sequins, glitter, and stickers, I apologize in advance.

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I'm going to need you to send me all of these. Thanks!

I really, really want those navy tights for the holidays. They would be so good with a little shift dress and some sparkly shoes. Also, I'll take the orange ones. And the legs on the model. Find them here: 1 / 2 / 3.

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I like it when Etsy does the shopping work for me. I found these awesome geometric necklaces, by BlueBird Lab, in my "Handpicked Items" and now I would like to have them all.

There are regular ones and special limited editions, like the one above. 

I cannot really tell what is going on with the clasp, but I love the way it looks. It seems like it might also be adjustable? Always a bonus.

You should, of course, buy several and wear them all at once. Also, they are from Lithuania, so you can be all, "Oh, these? They're from my jeweler in Lithuania."

AuthorAB Chao

A few weeks ago at Portland camp, my intern/friend Jessica gave me a really cute zippered pouch, all handmade and Scandinavian. I love it and was delighted to learn that Jessica's friend and the person behind the bag -- Miss Anna Joyce -- has an entire Etsy shop full of beautiful textile goodness. Yay!

Anna's fall collection was inspired by vintage Scandinavian textiles and folk art, and all of her work is hand-printed and hand-finished in good old Portland, OR. The shop stocks lovely pillows, bags, and clothing, but I am particularly in love with the table linens and will be ordering a set of the yellow-bordered napkins immediately.

Oh, and guess what else? In honor of the company's three-year anniversary, everything in Anna's shop is 20% off until 11 P.M. tonight. Hooray! You can also use the coupon code FALL2012 for free shipping on all orders.

So there. Go get you some stuff.

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How great are these knit crocheted hats? The ear ones are obviously cute for Halloween, but I would wear the hood ones all year round. They are very Drew Barrymore in Grey Gardens, yes? I will need to have these on hand for the next time I am Edie Beale.

Find them all here. (The shop also sells patterns! Fun times.)

AuthorAB Chao

Last week I posted a photo in which I was wearing a long black skirt. Y'all liked it. So here is some info:

1. It comes from Italy.

2. It is handmade.

3. I have a coupon code.

The first thing I ever ordered from Maria Lucia -- whose company is called Larime Loom -- was a pair of cute wool pants. Fine, they were drop-crotch pants. Or as Sarah Blackwood would describe them, "EWWWWWWWW." Because she is JUDGY.

I obviously disagree with that assessment, and continue to find crazy droopy pants delightful. Anyway. They were super-good quality fabric and obviously extremely well-made. (I am that horrible person who inspects seams to make sure they've been correctly serged and stitched. I'm sorry! It's my mother's fault! Don't be mad.)

Maria hasn't had this particular skirt posted on her site in a long time, but I have had it in the back of my mind for years. So when I emailed to ask if she would make me one, and she replied in the affirmative, I was so excited that I hollered, "YAY!" And then I paid her, and she mailed me this beauty.

Oh, wait. First, she asked me for my measurements, so that she could make it EXACTLY to my specifications, NO BIG DEAL. (Bespoke!)

So, the skirt: it's a long black cotton wrap skirt, made of a medium-weight cotton, with pleats. There's no slit in the side like you'd encounter in your standard wrap skirt, so you are kind of on your own as to how to style it. I think that adds to the charm, since you can wrap/fold/finagle it lots of different ways. My favorite part of the whole thing is the fact that the ends are long and substantial, which makes for cute/dramatic tie situations. You can tie it in a knot; you can tie it in a bow. You can throw it o'er your shoulder like a Continental soldier. (You cannot actually do that.)

Sometimes I wear the tie on the side, but most times I wear it in the back. And I always wear it with a fitted/tucked-in top so that you can see the lovely wrap/tie part.

In closing, Maria is awesome and you should order things from her. AND. AND. AND! She has been kind enough to offer y'all a 10% off coupon until Sept 30th! The code is LARIMELOOM10. Yay! Go forth, and order something beautiful.

PS. Speaking of Italians, Luisa -- who just had a baby and wrote a book, whatever, I'm sure she has time to blog -- has posted a recipe for meatballs that is almost exactly like my own Italian grandmother's. My grandmother doesn't fry her meatballs and neither do I! Rebellion! Also, peas don't fry in the kitchen; beans don't burn on the grill. Please make this on Sunday, and then invite me over. And have an amazing holiday weekend.

All photos: Ben Corda

Friends, I have exciting news. Today I am Guest Curator over at Etsy, where I dreamed up a fabulously mod party pad. Hooray! Now you say it.

In honor of this honor, I have created a spring-like roundup for y'all, made of items from Etsy. I am always into super-bright colors in small doses, but this year I am really feeling good about a more muted palette of brights. Very soothing. Very pastel. Very Easter bonnet.

Herewith, I invite you to enjoy this muted collection of Etsy beauty.


Clockwise from top left: 1. Modern Stripe Bottle Vase 2. Giclee Print 3. Double Braid Necklace 4. Wooden Pastel Eggs 5. Aedriel Originals Tapas Plates 6. Boat Fabric

In other news:

The sentence "If you look in the dictionary under 'muffin top,' you'll find Pamie" is no longer an insult. Yay, OED! (PS, I totally stole that line from one of Pam's Twitter friends. Thank you, person who is more original than I am!)

Also, your friend and mine, Sarah Bunting (aka Hateful Buntsy), is holding her yearly Donors Choose contest. Get your generous asses over there and join in the fun!

In sum: Etsy! Rainbow! Pamie! Giving! YAY.

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