I guess Thursday is camp update day now? How do you like that? And hey, here's some news!

1. A famous person is coming to the Seattle class in September. Yay, Megan! Maybe she will show us how to make edible window treatments. I am working on the location, and will keep you all apprised.

2. Austin's class has a famous person too (Miss Laura Mayes, you may have heard of her, she invented some conferences?), and a class location! It's going to be held at the Royal Blue Grocery on Congress, and this place is OFF THE CHAIN, y'all. Check it:

Plus also: they have sandwiches downstairs! And a grocery! BAM.

2. UPDATE: There are two spots are zero spots left for San Francisco at the end of July -- thank you! The 25% off spot has been taken. See you at camp, Courtney!

3. I am also offering a 25% discount for the first person to sign up for New Orleans, for which I am adding 5 more spots (I originally recruited my friends to fill the class, but now I don't need their old sorry freeloading selves anymore. Just kidding, they can still come.). Y'all come to NOLA! It's going to be awesome. 25% more awesome than before.

4. What the hell, let's do Austin too. 25% off to the first signer-upper. Go!

5. I am real excited about this. So excited that it is making me monogram things. Y'all's swag is going to make Soulja Boy jealous, I'm just saying.

6. In closing, please enjoy this picture of my dining room with no chairs in it. Please do not enjoy the stains on the floor.

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I am crazy damn excited to announce that I am now accepting deposits for Dewit Design Camp 2012, yay!

As of now, you can sign up for New Orleans, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, and Atlanta. I decided to have camp in these locations first because of the super-nerdy pie chart I made based on y'all's comments and emails. Oh, I do love a pie chart. To wit:

Please note: Seattle and Atlanta have open registration, but no dates or locations set. I do know they'll be in the fall. And poor old sad unpopular Los Angeles -- well, we will just have to see.

There is one tiny bit of bad news about registration: there is a PayPal fee. The good news: it's only $5. The bad news: You have to pay it. The good news: You are very beautiful.

In the meantime, I have been working like a busy bee getting all this camp stuff organized, and I have three words for you: Dewit Design Toolkit. Eeeee, it's going to be so much fun!

I can't wait to see you there. Go go go! DEWIT.


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Where am I? Is it still 2011? NO?!? Oh my God.

Just kidding, I know it's 2013.


Just kidding, I know it's 2012. I rang in the new year in sequins, in San Francisco, with a couple of cute girls.

Photo by H.B. Armstrong

The truth is, I haven't been posting or writing or inspirationalizing because I am trying to come up with a new decorating/blog/business plan for myself, and I haven't quite gotten there yet. I know one thing, and it is that my current strategy is not working out for me.

I am trying to figure out where to go next. I realize that I am so, so lucky to be able to take the first month of the year off for THINKING. And I want you all to know that it has come with a great amount of stress, like the fact that I now have time to run around 30 miles a week and also that I can't buy the cute shirts I want from Madewell! Boo. Boo Brees. (We say that because one time I was Boo Brees for Halloween. Boo Brees, the hot lady ghost of Drew Brees. WHAT?)

Anyway. My business last year mainly consisted of long-distance design, and while it was fun a lot of the time, it offered very little return on either party's investment. The client didn't get the benefit of my being there to shop, arrange furniture, style items, take pictures, etc. And I didn't get the benefit of knowing that after I sent that design board off, the client would do anything at all. That made me sad.

So I am going semi-local -- I live in northeast Louisiana, and while my clients here are all amazing, there aren't that many of them. If you hire me to decorate for you, we will collaborate long-distance for the initial part of the design, and then I will drive/fly/apparate to your city for the installation. I'll coordinate with other clients in those same cities so that I will be there for a week or so each time. It will be awesome, and it will also be so much more fun and interesting and we will have group shopping parties and customized sewing and upholstery and styling and photography OMG WTF AMIRITE?

My fees will be a bit different, obviously. Email me for a new and improved rate sheet.

I am very excited about this, and I hope you are too! I'll be back with the frequent updates soon, and I appreciate your patience. Please send expensive bourbon. THANKS.

PS. I'm starting with the South first: Monroe, Shreveport, Jackson, Dallas, Baton Rouge, New Orleans. If you are in those vicinities, you have priority. (Who dat.)

PPS. If you are an ACTUAL local, which means that you live in Monroe, and you would like to hire me, email or call me ASAP.

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[gallery link="file"] I'm so excited to tell you about a new design magazine (in print, yay!) called Anthology. This fabulousness is the brainchild of Anh-Minh Le and Meg Mateo Ilasco, who have done an amazing job putting it all together. We were sworn to secrecy months ago, and it's been killing me, y'all. Chao Camp and Friends are featured in one of the inaugural issue's stories, and we are super happy about that. We were also super happy to meet and hang out with our new best friends, writer Holly Crawford, photographer Jen Siska, and stylist Mrs. Lilien, when we shot the story one (legendary) weekend in June. So go! Look! Subscribe! Yay! PS. There's also a post about Anthology today on Design Sponge that features the cutest stop-motion video ever.
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