Friends, it's been quite a week and I am feeling kind of lazeballs. I can't tell you specifically how many trade applications I found, printed, filled out, scanned, and emailed, but it was somewhere in the neighborhood of EIGHT FRILLION. Also I did some design work. Also I made cookies and got mad at my hair. Also I tried begging friends and acquaintances to buy ads on my site, like some sort of sad old begging beggar. I only need TWO MORE, DAMN Y'ALL.

Anyway. Right now I am drinking a nice rose and ordering fabric samples from all of the various places I applied to get into. That's right, kids. Decorating is like college, except you have to have a big old bank account, three references, and a resale certificate. But, you know, then they send you pretty stuff. Shout-out to my lovers at Designers Guild.

What else? OH. I am so excited about my boyfriend Ryan Adams's new album (dropping October 11) that I can't stand it. There are a few preview songs in various places online, but this one gives me the chills real bad. Right now Chris Huff is rolling his eyes and varminting simultaneously, but Big Boozie's (this is my nickname for Chris; I am Li'l Boozie, of course.) lifelong hatred of my man Ryan moves me not. After all, I don't really care that REM broke up, and I'm sure he finds that equally truly outrageous.

Here is a picture of me right now, on my porch in front of the cat food table.

Please note hideous pigtails, old-timey sweatshirt, and Target scarf coupled with for-realz Waterford crystal + pricy wine. High and low, y'all. It's the only way to live.

This entry is super-weird and disjointed and feels like I'm writing from 2001, or something. Hey, do y'all want to hear about my emotions and whatnot? No? FINE.

I haven't even gotten to the point of the whole post, which is that I wanted y'all to tell me what kind of Dewit to do next. So far I've done art-hanging and bed-making. What do you want to see now? I'm game for anything. So, you know, tell me. Dewit.

Farewell, nice people. I hope your weekend is filled with naps and hamburgers.

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What have you been doing this week, Internet?

Me? Oh, nothing. Just being all legitimate and ordering to-the-trade fabric samples and whatnot. No big deal.

I've been waiting for this moment. I feel like that one time on Buffy where all the Slayers got called at once. Without the apocalypse, of course.

I'd like to thank my awesome designer friend Virginia for showing me how to do things like this, and for helping me order samples -- with a broken leg, no less. (She and a client had a fight over a sofa.)

Now, if I could only get the Dallas Design Center to let me in without eighty million references...

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Y'all remember my kitchen, right? It's all white? I painted all of it myself? I feel pretty awesome about that, two years later? Here's a refresher:

Photo by Lori Andrews

Those arrows you see represent my problem: I am finally ready to put something on the windows. I have filled the shelves, I have bought a rug, I have removed the table in anticipation of the banquette that someone will build me soon. And yet: the windows. The one over the sink becomes a black hole of scariness at night, and the one with the bamboo shades makes me say profanity every day that I have to roll those assholes up and down.

But the reason it has taken me so long to decide what to do is that I had no IDEA what I wanted. I see pictures of gorgeous interiors and fabrics on a daily basis, and I still couldn't pick out anything I really loved. So one day, I just thought, EFF THIS, I am going to pick something out. And while I...didn't, I was able to narrow it down.

I went to just one fabric website, chose a few swatches I liked, and pasted them into Photoshop. When I was done, I was left with something like this:

All fabrics by Quadrille

I learned several things from this exercise, most of which will be obvious to you:

1. I am still not over Ikat;

2. For this project, I favor large patterns over small;

3. I want a blowsy floral or toile as opposed to a rigid geometric design; and

4. Whatever I choose, it better have pink or orange in it.

So, even though I haven't made a decision yet, I now have a general direction. And that, lovers, is better than no direction at all.

If you have any favorite fabrics to recommend that meet these criteria, I'm all ears.

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