Apartment Therapy picked up my fireplace post today, about filling an unused fireplace with books, and the comments were -- as usual -- a mix of "Yay!," "Ugh!," and "Eh." One in particular intrigued me, though:

I'm kind of tired of decor ideas that treat books as mere blocks of color for artful stacking. If you own books, keep them in condition and accessible for reading. Or get rid of them. This is annoying, not cool. -SherryBinNH

Fair enough. But here is my question: What else are we to use as blocks of color for artful stacking? Books have always been an integral part of styling for me: they're good for color (or lack of), they're good for adding height, and they're good for adding visual interest. And, you know, why not? Books are awesome. But what are some other things besides books that fulfill all of these criteria? I would love to have other options. School me, y'all.

Some good examples of books used in decor:

Clockwise from top left: House to Home, Elle Decor, Nate Berkus, Nick Olsen, Elements of Style

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