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Hey/happy new year/new business plan

Where am I? Is it still 2011? NO?!? Oh my God.

Just kidding, I know it's 2013.


Just kidding, I know it's 2012. I rang in the new year in sequins, in San Francisco, with a couple of cute girls.

Photo by H.B. Armstrong

The truth is, I haven't been posting or writing or inspirationalizing because I am trying to come up with a new decorating/blog/business plan for myself, and I haven't quite gotten there yet. I know one thing, and it is that my current strategy is not working out for me.

I am trying to figure out where to go next. I realize that I am so, so lucky to be able to take the first month of the year off for THINKING. And I want you all to know that it has come with a great amount of stress, like the fact that I now have time to run around 30 miles a week and also that I can't buy the cute shirts I want from Madewell! Boo. Boo Brees. (We say that because one time I was Boo Brees for Halloween. Boo Brees, the hot lady ghost of Drew Brees. WHAT?)

Anyway. My business last year mainly consisted of long-distance design, and while it was fun a lot of the time, it offered very little return on either party's investment. The client didn't get the benefit of my being there to shop, arrange furniture, style items, take pictures, etc. And I didn't get the benefit of knowing that after I sent that design board off, the client would do anything at all. That made me sad.

So I am going semi-local -- I live in northeast Louisiana, and while my clients here are all amazing, there aren't that many of them. If you hire me to decorate for you, we will collaborate long-distance for the initial part of the design, and then I will drive/fly/apparate to your city for the installation. I'll coordinate with other clients in those same cities so that I will be there for a week or so each time. It will be awesome, and it will also be so much more fun and interesting and we will have group shopping parties and customized sewing and upholstery and styling and photography OMG WTF AMIRITE?

My fees will be a bit different, obviously. Email me for a new and improved rate sheet.

I am very excited about this, and I hope you are too! I'll be back with the frequent updates soon, and I appreciate your patience. Please send expensive bourbon. THANKS.

PS. I'm starting with the South first: Monroe, Shreveport, Jackson, Dallas, Baton Rouge, New Orleans. If you are in those vicinities, you have priority. (Who dat.)

PPS. If you are an ACTUAL local, which means that you live in Monroe, and you would like to hire me, email or call me ASAP.


Late November/Early December: Recap.

Oh, hello. What's up, Internet? It's December! I just today finished up the last of my decorating projects for the year, so I'm going to take the next few weeks to wrap presents, sip wassail, and re-examine my business plan for the new year. Yay!

I'm pretty good at recaps, maybe you've heard. So now, presenting the last few weeks of my life, as illustrated by Instagram.

I attended Camp Mighty, which was both 1) mighty and 2) camp-like. It was awesome. We talked, we drank, we bonded, we life-listed, we hugged, we saw superband The Tontons, and we learned a bunch of things. Seriously, if you are able, get your ass there next year. Unless you went this year, in which case you already know it was real fabulous.

My trip to Palm Springs also included a bonus couple of days in Los Angeles with Pamela (with whom I am currently not speaking, as she has elected not to spend New Year's Eve with us and the Lowe-Huffs -- A YEARLY TRADITION, I MIGHT ADD.). We had fun times, like when we were at the Roosevelt for hamburgers, and accidentally got invited to Mindy Kaling's book party. No big deal.

While I was away, my handy/nice/dreamy husband replaced all of the screen on our porch and painted the door high-gloss red. He is so awesome I should be using expletives.

I also received some cute packages for future clients in the mail.

Like THIS. Jealous? Me too.

Thanksgiving was the next week, and we observed the sacred tradition of beer and shots at our local bar on Wednesday. If you are not hungover on Thanksgiving Day, you are probably not from the South -- EVERYONE is out late the night before. I remember one year when a friend of mine was so sick she had to skip the WHOLE THING with her family due to throwing up all day long. She is now a revered local legend.

Then it got cold and I turned 36. Wait. I mean, I turned 36 and THEN it got cold. Oh, number forty, you are too near, both in temperature and in age. PS, I hope y'all like this outfit. I picked it out just for you.

This year is the very first that we have had a real tree in our house since we moved into the place. I have gone through so many fake Christmas tree phases over the years that a live one never stood a chance. But when I spotted this semi-flocked one at a local nursery, I couldn't resist. Check out all my awesome Christmas spirit. (Fully decorated tree and living room pic to appear soon.)

A bad thing that has happened in the last two weeks is that I sustained running injury (for the first time in over 3 years, what?). It's my knee. From overuse. Why is that even A THING, y'all? Whatever. HATE. Shut up, knee.

The only prescription for this problem is rest, ice, and stretching. So I have been diligently doing all three, to the detriment of most of my frozen fruit. I ran 5 miles yesterday and everything felt ok, so I'm calling this one over for now. And if not: I WILL CUT A KNEE.

In an insane small-world turn of events, I saw The Tontons AGAIN this past weekend. A block away from my house, at a bar in my town. Not only that, but their manager and I discovered that we graduated from the same college on the same day. We all became best friends instantly, obvs. So that was pretty cool. If you ever get a chance, go see them before they blow up, which will happen soon.

I hope you have enjoyed this educational Instagram recap. Oh, also, if you have any great holiday card ideas featuring all Chaos + Hank, be putting those in the comments. We spend every year trying to top this one from 2006, and we've got nothing.


Roundup: Friday Over Five Hundred

Heather has recently started a "Friday Under Fifty" series, featuring cute things she finds that cost less than fifty dollars. Which was the jumping off point for MY new series -- Friday Over Five Hundred -- featuring cute things I find that cost around or over $500. Welcome to the inaugural issue! You're welcome, bazillionaires.

Here's how I would decorate your living room if you came to me and I said, "What's your budget?" and you said, "What's a budget?" That would be fun.

1. Painting, Meredith Pardue, Laura Rathe Fine Art, call for pricing

2. Montauk Scroll Sofa, $4000

3. Scalamandre Le Tigre silk velvet, famously around $1500/yd.

4. Folke Ohlsson Lounge Chairs, pair, 1st Dibs, $5500

5. Jielde floor lamp, $1395

6. Marble-top coffee table, Wisteria, $499

7. Poodle Lamp, Atelier Abigail Ahern, $375

8. Jonathan Adler Claude Console, $1995


Where I've Been

Internet, I have missed you! We have many things to discuss, the first being that I'm clearly not the kind of blogger who can keep up with daily posts while traveling. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of work trips, fun trips, day trips, actual trips, and then, oh yeah, there was this:

Yes, my hair really IS that long.

HAHAHAHAAAAAA. I'm sure I care about my hair. THAT IS DREW BREES, Y'ALL. Thanks to the sweetest and best PR girl on the planet, we were invited to be a part of an event unveiling the first Vicks Vaporub commercial to ever feature a father and son only. Of course they chose the most adorable father/son they could find. Anyone remember this?

Yeah. No contest. You can see the new ad here. Try not to cry.

Thanks to the fact that Vince and I were the only ones there without children and the event was held at a bar, we were pretty much the only ones left towards the end. At which time I, powered by Abita Amber, gathered up enough courage to tell my boyfriend Drew the story of how the Saints' most recent win allowed Vince and I to register for the NOLA half-marathon at a price of $35 instead of $90. (Each point the Saints scored over the opposing team during October games was one dollar off the race fee -- last Sunday they beat the Colts 62-7.) Only, it took me about ten years to tell the story, because I was nervous (DREW BREES), and I somehow confused the terms "point spread" and "margin of victory." The less said about that, the better. But, who cares? Check it:

Best friends.

The other thing I did was attend the opening of Jamie Meares's new and improved Furbish Studio, which was almost as cool as meeting DREW BREES. Following a couple of flight delays and various travel-related mishaps, I finally arrived at the preview party, where I promptly latched on to my OTHER boyfriend, Mr. Nickolas Olsen. The night was a success, the new place is beautiful, and you should all go to Jamie's store and buy everything in it. Except, leave the ticking-striped settee for me, please. Thank you.

Photos by Dina of Honey & Fitz (whom I can't believe I didn't get to meet! Next time.)

Anyway, the weekend was fabulous, Nick and I drank all of the wine and then had to eat a lot of grits the next day, I went for my first trail run and then got a SPORTS MASSAGE at my awesome hotel, Jamie and Co. and I had dinner on my last night (shout-out to Keila and Deanna!), I watched the Saints win by a million points from the hotel bar (DREW BREES), and then I flew home. The end. I've missed y'all, and I'll be back on the daily blog track ASAP.

And no, I'm not cutting my hair anytime soon. In fact, I am not cutting it at all until after the race on March 4. (DREW BREES!)


Things I Love That Are Pink

I guess I have to come correct with things I love that are pink, since I made fun of that the other day in my Steve Jobs post. So here you go.

1. Abigail Ahern, lover of the hottest pink. 2. Pink sofa from...Oh, damn. I don't know and can't remember, but it is probably from a shelter magazine? I'm very sorry. 3. That famous Domino cover of Ruthie Sommers with her dog and that iconic David Hicks fabric. 4. Blair from Atlantic-Pacific, doing like I do with some neutral shoes and hot pink neon laces. 5. PB Teen Task Lamp, secret weapon of decorators worldwide. 6. Veranda's July issue, a veritable cornucopia of pink. 7. Pink Toy Watch.