I guess Thursday is camp update day now? How do you like that? And hey, here's some news!

1. A famous person is coming to the Seattle class in September. Yay, Megan! Maybe she will show us how to make edible window treatments. I am working on the location, and will keep you all apprised.

2. Austin's class has a famous person too (Miss Laura Mayes, you may have heard of her, she invented some conferences?), and a class location! It's going to be held at the Royal Blue Grocery on Congress, and this place is OFF THE CHAIN, y'all. Check it:

Plus also: they have sandwiches downstairs! And a grocery! BAM.

2. UPDATE: There are two spots are zero spots left for San Francisco at the end of July -- thank you! The 25% off spot has been taken. See you at camp, Courtney!

3. I am also offering a 25% discount for the first person to sign up for New Orleans, for which I am adding 5 more spots (I originally recruited my friends to fill the class, but now I don't need their old sorry freeloading selves anymore. Just kidding, they can still come.). Y'all come to NOLA! It's going to be awesome. 25% more awesome than before.

4. What the hell, let's do Austin too. 25% off to the first signer-upper. Go!

5. I am real excited about this. So excited that it is making me monogram things. Y'all's swag is going to make Soulja Boy jealous, I'm just saying.

6. In closing, please enjoy this picture of my dining room with no chairs in it. Please do not enjoy the stains on the floor.

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Thank you all so much for the kind words about the bathroom. Excellent website Houzz even included it in an ideabook today, which was real nice of them.

A few of you had questions about the bathroom, which I will now answer. 

Q: What are the black and white striped things on the back of the toilet?

A: Those are candles. They burn with fire. 

Q: How do your Polaroids fare in the bathroom with all the steam and humidity?

A: The Polaroids seem to be doing OK; it's the Japanese masking tape that's all fragile and wimpy. It peels off on a regular basis.

Q: What are the dimensions of the bathroom?

A: The bathroom is approximately 5' x 8'. It is teeny-tiny, much like the arms Tracy Anderson wants you to have. Be quiet, Tracy.




I feel that this photograph needs no explanation. Please enjoy.




My friend George -- y'all remember George, right? Sweet? Sensitive? Cries when he loses at darts? Makes the best gumbo in the state? That one. Here's a visual aid:


AB, George, 1996

Anyway, George sent me this wonderful short film, which has been nominated for an OSCAR, and was made by some people in SHREVEPORT. LOUISIANA. Please take fifteen minutes and watch it. It's about books, and how they can make even the darkest days brighter. Try not to cry. Like crybaby George.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.




I run tomorrow. Cross everything. I will report back. And thank you all for the encouraging comments. They made me cry, like crybaby George. Love y'all.