I almost didn't do this one, because I thought, "Oh, people know about this. It's an old trick, and everyone surely knows not to hang their art too high." But a quick look at a few house tours on Apartment Therapy made me see that I was wrong. And these are some adorable house tours, y'all.  Most every detail is right. But their art is all too high.

Clockwise from top left: Haley and Ted; Joanna and Gerry; Hannah

I'm so excited to tell you about this DEWIT, because it is something that you can go fix in your house RIGHT NOW. Do you have a hammer? No? Do you have a SHOE? Then you can go hang your art correctly.

The standard height that art should be hung is something like 57 inches from the floor, but I can never remember if that is from the bottom or the center of the piece. So I have a mnemonic device to help me remember, and it is this: center at sixty. That's easy enough, right? The center of your hanging should be right around 60 inches (conveniently, my personal height) from the floor. Now, if you have a piece of art that is 6 x 8 feet, things will obviously change, but it is a pretty good general rule of thumb. Check out this perfectly hung portrait:

via Lonny

Another thing to remember is the scale of your hanging. Are you hanging an 8 x 10-inch item in your living room, over your sofa? Maybe you should re-think that. Very few people can get away with it, although it can be done. My friend Lori Andrews is actually the master of this, but she is a professional and you should not attempt this trick without her assistance.

Photo by Lori Andrews

The rest of us need to make sure that the scale of our art is in line with the scale of our furniture. Go big. Even go overboard, as I did here, with this painting/settee combo:

Photo by Jen Siska

I'm not a big fan of gallery walls -- I'm much too much of a symmetrical girl for that. But if you must hang one, make sure it hangs BIG and LOW. (You be quiet, dirty.)

via Lonny, AGAIN

Oh, you don't like that "For Like Ever" poster? You think it's over? Fine. I don't love it either. But it looks great here, and the reason for that is because it is a) to scale, and b) hung at the correct height with a bunch of other awesome stuff.

One more tangentially-related thing: don't hang your mirrors horizontally. My boyfriend Nick Olsen also despises this, and you should too. See here for more information.

In sum: go get a shoe and lower those nails. You won't regret it.

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