I'll be posting a general SF design camp recap next week, but today I wanted to spotlight one of my lovely sponsors, who also served as my assistant -- a peerless hauler of ice, milk, sandwiches, and popsicles -- Miss Hannah Huffman.

I've known Hannah since the way-back days of Flickr, where we all posted photos from our new DSLRs and talked about our feelings. The difference between Hannah and the rest of us is that she is an incredibly talented photographer, one who actually likes film and does things like get it developed. 

Also, she is super cute and wears bucks with neon soles. So, we're obviously not ever going to be as cool as she is.

Photos by Victoria Smith

Hannah donated a gorgeous set of prints to go in the SF campers' goodie bags. I accidentally stashed a set for myself and they are now accidentally framed on my wall. I stole things, okay? You can't stop me.

Look at those prints! Gorgeous, gorgeous. I'm hoping if I'm nice to her she'll donate more for the next camp. Fingers crossed. (HINT, HANNAH.)

You can see more of Hannah's work at her Flickr page here. You can contact her for custom orders here. Yay!

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