The Polaroiding has begun, with a few minor technical difficulties. Pola experts, you are welcome to weigh in. I'm taking all suggestions for better photos!

Just a couple more Camp Mighty pics. Pictured above: teenager, breakfast smoothie, neon, Doc Martens. You know, the usual. Speaking of whom, Mad has a special teenager entry in Anthology's Holiday Gift Guide. I enjoy item number 3 a lot. "Worth a shot," indeed.

Below: Kate took this awesome shot of my sparkly shoes while I was speaking. 5% fun, y'all!

Photo: JetKat Photo

And finally, please enjoy these haircut photos. I am loving the Hathaway, although -- surprise! -- I already want to go SWINTON. Next time.

Hey, girl. You want to hang out and talk products?

Side view(s).

In other news, I am fixing to go a) pick out a Christmas tree and b) pick out some door paint. If you knew what my front door has looked like for the past month, you would take away my homeowner's license.

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