Photo: Thu Nguyen

Today I went on a little DC adventure with my pal Thu, which included riding a train; more food trucks (including 1) Stella's, and 2) a Sloppy Joe truck that was out of a) chips, b) drinks, and c) beef); the Renwick Gallery, where I got in trouble for touching things; and photos in front of the White House. I think I'm gonna like it here.

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REMINDER: If you would like to attend design camp in Philly (this weekend!), Denver, Minneapolis, Raleigh, DC, or New Orleans, today is the last day to take advantage of the 15% off coupon! Good for all camps -- use code FREEDOM15 at checkout.

In other news, design camp wants YOU. It says so right there in the picture.

Photo: Ben Corda, natch.

The Camp Director surrounded by camp lights, garlands, and fringes. And Omar. It's all in the game.

Here are some IMPT Design Camp Notes, yo:

1. I'm leaving tomorrow for more southeastern shores, since ATL mini-camp is this weekend. It's sold out, but if you really want to come, send me an email and I'll see what I can do. You probably DO want to come, since the beloved and much-missed Ben Corda will be there shooting the day and taking everyone's portrait for fun. We're located in a super-cool loft, and I heard a rumor that Ludacris will be in attendance. I know for a FACT that Allison will be there interning (Have y'all ever wanted to order Al around? Now's your chance.).

2. The sadly-cancelled Denver mini camp has been rescheduled for July 27! I had flight problems; Denver had a blizzard; we had to shut the whole thing down. I'm hoping we can avoid all those troubles in July. Go sign up, y'all! The location is beautiful, and apparently Denver doesn't have snow in July, hooray!

3. So, I thought since I was doing a mini-camp in July already, why not do two? Philadelphia! You're in. July 13. I still need a location and an intern. Who's with me?

4. There is one (1) (ONE) Boston spot left.

5. Hey, guess what? AB Chao Design Camp has its own Facebook page! Very exciting. I'd be much obliged if you'd like it. I mean, "Like" it.