Last week after I took my headless photo, the other girls staying up in This Doocery came out to take pictures too. I fell down. Heather made a face. I then jumped off the edge of the retaining wall and down into the yard, and Heather made an even better face. I believe I can fly, y'all.

Thanks to Tyrant for his mad photo skillz


Photo by AB Chao

I recently traveled to Salt Lake City to put together another room for my friend Heather Armstrong. You may recall our first project together, the living room that went BOOM. This time we created a fun and cozy guest room, something Heather has wanted in her house for a while (so Ryan Gosling will have a place to sleep when he visits, obvs). Despite a few drapery hardware mishaps -- the phrase "wild dooce chase" was used several times by me, which Heather did NOT find amusing, because she is WRONG -- the room came together in just a couple of days. I think it turned out really well, and I am very excited for you to see more, in video form, right over here.

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