Introducing my new favorite place on Etsy: inkkit.

Inkkit has gift wrap, ribbon, stickers, tape, tags, glitter, sequins, baker's twine, tape, and basically everything else you need to wrap the cutest presents in the land.

I have got to have some of that gold sequin ribbon. I would like to bedeck my entire house, and possibly myself, with it.

The shop also does custom colors, patterns, and the like -- I sent a little note with what I wanted for DC Camp, and they put together an adorable "Inspire Me" gift pack for my campers that included gift tags, glitter stickers, and one of those awesome twig pencils, among other things. So awesome. Look:

I'm about to place a big order for the holidays, and I may or may not go over budget, so if your gift is an empty box festooned with sequins, glitter, and stickers, I apologize in advance.

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