Today I did a little spring shopping at J. Crew (thank you, J. Crew Rewards) and Old Navy (thank you, Old Navy sales), and this is what I bought. Hey, does anybody detect some sort of pattern? No? It's probably just me, then.

I am actually looking forward to putting several of these items together, like some sort of demented sailor with a penchant for neon. Ahoy, y'all.

1. Old Navy 2. Old Navy 3. J. Crew 4. J. Crew 5. Old Navy 6. J. Crew 7. J. Crew


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Look at my sweet girls doing some wine-tasting at the Mighty Summit this weekend. We had such a good time, and learned such good learning. Pamie wrote this about the whole thing, and boy am I glad, since I am too lazy to be writing all of those words about how awesome it was..

In other news, a frazillion decorating projects are happening over here at Camp Chao. I am still working right this second, and I still have miles to go before I sleep. But also, check out the fabulous paintings I just received from Carter Kustera! Could you maybe be awesomer, Mr. Kustera, with your beautiful painted silhouettes and pithy sayings underneath? I think not. I was so excited to receive them and frame them all fancy-like. Hank and Madeleine have never looked so good. (I will not be telling you what their captions say, because I am feeling weirdly protective of them. I could change my mind at any moment, but for now you don't get to know.)


And now, for some outfit talk. I wore the items you see above to the wedding we attended in Seattle a few weeks ago, and also to the Sunday night "cocktail attire" dinner at the Summit. Sarah liked my shoes so much that she immediately accessed her laptop on our arrival back at the hotel and ordered some for herself. She officially named it "The AB Chao Memorial Kate Spade Karolina Shoe Order." I love it. The dress is last year's J. Crew, the pearls were a gift from my mother-in-law, the lipstick is Nars which you can buy at any Sephora, and the watch is a hand-me-down from my mother.

So, speaking of outfits, would any of you be interested in a fashion styling type thing? Like, "I need an outfit for my high school reunion, help!" Check yes, no, or maybe in the comments.

Hot pink maxi skirts are a popular topic, it seems. Just after I posted Monday's entry, a commenter pointed out that The Sartorialist had posted this on his site. And THEN I saw this one, from Zara, on Pinterest.

PS, If anyone wants to go to their local Zara and buy this for me (it's on sale for $19.99!), I won't stop you. In fact, I urge you to try. Go out and hunt, Internet.

Anyway, this post isn't about me and my insatiable need for that Zara skirt. It's about fall. Now, although I find it deeply depressing that it won't be actual fall here until, say, December, I get just as excited as y'all do about all of the new fall stuff we start to see in late summer. J. Crew has the entire Internet in a tizzy about their fall lineup, and you best believe I'll be buying both of these outfits in their entirety.

I will be wearing those wool pants in October with a tank top and flip-flops, but nevertheless, I will have them. Also: bell-bottoms with a velvet jacket? I AM IN.

I haven't seen much buzz around Madewell's fall offerings, which surprises me, because they are KILLING it. Here are my top 5 from their 2011 Lookbook.

I love it all: the silk dresses, the hot colors, the Hunter boots with socks, the leopard print, the lumberjack thing. Let's talk about the shoes on #4 for a minute, though: those are old-school Birkenstocks, y'all. Several of Madewell's other outfits feature cherry red Doc Martens. It really does all come back around... to my freshman year of college. If they start carrying Dickies and athletic socks with floral skirts, I am out.

What are you looking forward to for fall? Is it that it will actually be cold where you live? Then I don't want to hear it.


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