Oh, hello. Are you a super-awesome expert knitter? Perhaps you know one? Because I would really like to have this blanket happening in my life, but I cannot find one anywhere that is as perfect. And, really, what is a blog for if not to find a stranger on the Internet from whom to commission work? I ask you.

Photo: Abigail Ahern

Are you the knitter for me? Hit me in the comments.

In other news:

I spied this little ring today via Design*Sponge's IG feed, and now I feel I must have one. Or two. Or maybe ten. Is ten nine too many? Maybe.

This has been today's edition of "Things AB Chao Wants and/or Needs Immediately." Enjoy!

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I like it when Etsy does the shopping work for me. I found these awesome geometric necklaces, by BlueBird Lab, in my "Handpicked Items" and now I would like to have them all.

There are regular ones and special limited editions, like the one above. 

I cannot really tell what is going on with the clasp, but I love the way it looks. It seems like it might also be adjustable? Always a bonus.

You should, of course, buy several and wear them all at once. Also, they are from Lithuania, so you can be all, "Oh, these? They're from my jeweler in Lithuania."

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When I was in San Francisco last week for my two (awesome) design camps, I noticed Lisa Congdon's lovely neon pink necklace collection, and I was sore jeals. Lisa dresses a lot like she paints -- lots of neutrals like black and white and gray, then BAM! Some big vibrant color. I myself am a fan of this wardrobe method, so it surprises me that I don't already have any neon accessories. I intend to remedy that, and here are some pretty choices I found:

I like the gold on single facets of the wood in the left-hand picture, and I really love the pink + neutral with the gold chain.

Left: FIGUREframe, $18.  Right: A Merry Mishap, $30.99.

This company -- an English joint called Oelwein -- has some really beautiful necklaces in all different shades of neon, hung on a natural leather cord. I want to wear them all together at once.

Wood + paint + gold + neon pink cording = Love. In the end, these both seemed a little long for my purposes, but they are still awesome. And I can't resist things styled with confetti.

Left: Soft Gold Studio, $38. Right: Oelwein, $21.47.

Perfection! This is the one I ended up going with, and I think it is a good combination of all the things I loved about the others: gold, pink, on a chain, unobtrusive, not too long, etc. Just right.

I hope you have been riveted by this difficult decision. Go forth and accessorize, neonly.

THE ONE: Minoux Jewelry Shop, $44.

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