1. Nicole from Making It Lovely was our surprise guest at Chicago Mini Camp! This sequence of photos is my favorite thing ever: Nicole is all sweetly explaining something, and I am over there looking like a fool. Anyway, Nicole was a delight as always, and answered many Chicago-related questions, and others besides. 

There's a great guide on Nicole's site about what to wear to Alt. She clearly included all those dotted items just to torment me; I mentioned during my Camp Mighty talk that I was totally over dots (even though I still wear them, because I am nothing if not contradictory), and Nicole teased me relentlessly about it in Chicago. I will never live it down. Death to the dot!

PS, the above photos were taken by Helen (known to campers as Janky G.), who wrote a sweet recap post about camp.

And now, let's do some Christmas shopping, shall we?


2. Speaking of campers, one of my NYC girls just opened an adorable shop called Hattan Home. She has some real cute stuff, and I am certain she is sending me one of those Harry Allen piggy banks as a Christmas gift. Go, Lindsay!

3. Emily's Clementine Store has some awesome stuff for the holidays, and she is putting together the best gift guides, all of which items are available in her shop. Emily is yet ANOTHER camper, and I obviously have the best job in the world to be able to connect with all of these good people.

4. Surely you know of the great Jamie Meares, yes? She is running a Christmas sale at her shop called 12 Days of Furbish, and I suggest you get yourself over there so you don't miss any hot Furbish action. Also, she has a really good Christmas mix on Spotify. Quit being so awesome, Jamie. THANKS.

5. In Louisiana-related news, please enjoy this story about former LSU basketball player Stanley Roberts' quest for a college diploma. I'm sorry about the crying you're about to do.

6. Y'all enjoy your weekends! I'm going to maybe finally do some holiday decorating, and get ready for a super-quick last-minute trip on Monday. Be sweet, and don't get into the eggnog while I'm gone.

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Hello! I have some things to say on this beautiful Thanksgiving Eve. It's sunny and 70, and I'm unbearably cheerful, despite the fact that someone forgot to order us a fried turkey for tomorrow. By "someone," I mean "myself." Oops. Anyway, on with it:

1. Me + Go Mighty = 1000 POLAROIDS. I don't think I've ever had 1000 of anything, unless you include Polly Pocket all over my house. I am still finding pieces 10 years later. Shut up, Polly Pocket. Hooray, Polaroids!

2. I am loving the Hathaway so far, but I have GOT to get some products to make that piecey thing happen. What are y'all's favorite ones, pixied girls?

3. Does anyone know of a yellow paint color that is, like, nearly fluorescent? What about pink? I need to know, and I need to know bad.

4. Would you like to be my intern in Chicago for the Dec. 8 mini-camp? This job entails helping me set up and picking up drinks, food, coffee, etc. Also, bringing me all of your winter coats so I won't be cold. Owning a car is a bonus, as is being good at making things look pretty. Interested? Let me know!

5. One (1) spot left for Chicago mini-camp. How 'bout it?

6. 2013 camp locations -- and tentative dates -- will be announced next week. WHO IS EXCITED? IS IT AB CHAO? Yes. Yes, it is.

7. Have a wonderful week and Thanksgiving holiday. And if you see a fried turkey, it's mine.

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Photo: Tennessee Resident Ben Corda

Internet, I have somehow injured my back and I am laid up like an old lady. I am also taking an unreasonable amount of anti-inflammatory/muscle-relax-y medications, so if you would like to be entertained, give me a call.

In the meantime, here are some fun things happening on the internet today:

1. Go Mighty. Reading other people's life lists is one of my great enjoyments in life, so I am glad that Maggie and Co. finally made this website for me, where the lists are all in one place.

2. I recently saw Bernie, which you should watch if you enjoy Texas and the people who live there. The movie is based on this crazytown Texas Monthly article from 1998, which I am surprised I haven't read, since I have a bad crush on Skip Hollandsworth and want to marry him. Anyway, read the article and see the movie.

3. This IKEA PS 2012 dining table. Hello, my little two-toned friend.

4. Four ways to combine type. I am really bad at this, so this little cheat sheet has been a revelation.

5. Aaaaaaand I just found my Halloween costume. I always wait until the last minute, but I already have all of these items. Plus I just got this haircut!

6. Did you know? Hateful Buntsy is writing recaps again. It's my favorite thing that ever happened.


What have y'all seen/read/watched lately that is awesome? I'm going to be sitting like this all weekend.

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Photo: Shutterbean

I'm just super busy today, y'all. I mean, nobody is as busy as I am. Why are you all so lazy when I am so busy?

Just kidding. I am not that busy. It actually drives me crazy when people say that. I am working on something for tomorrow, though, so today I'm sending you elsewhere. Go to here:

1. Tracy is real mean for putting this cake recipe up. Now I have to make this, and the other three things linked WITHIN THE POST. (Wings, carbs, booze.)

2. These Halloween costumes are allegedly for children, but I'm pretty sure I'll be dressing as Andy Warhol my own self. Wonder if that tiny wig would fit me?

3. I had a wave of instant nostalgia on seeing this kookooo -- I mean, "fly ass" -- manicure. Anybody know why? Are those old stickers or something? Also, I want to have that manicure.

4. Fall-esque weather is making me miss my No. 6 boots so much. If you will recall, I left them in a rental car last year while visiting Jamie Meares. I will have you again one day, boots! (Also check out No. 6's fall lookbook. It's good.)

5. These beautiful geometric ornaments have been in my Etsy favorites for a while but I never realized that IT IS A TEMPLATE. Reading comprehension so bad for me.

6. Camp Brand! As the owner of both Chao and Design Camp, I love it all. You best believe I bought that Happy Camper sweatshirt on the spot. Because I am one.

7. "What Would Miles Redd Do?," indeed. And now he has a book? He is my hero on seven different levels.

8. LATE ADDITION: 10 Celebrity Impressions No One Else Does. Topher Grace as Michael J. Fox is my favorite.

OK, that's all I got. See you on the flip.

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