Hank Chao is so totally disgusted with you. He can't even look at you. GOD.

Have a great weekend, y'all! I am off to Seattle for fun design camp activities. But first: the poll we did earlier this week has exceeded 500 votes, so: Vince Chao. Juggling*. On video. Celebration time, come on.


*I mean, "juggling."

Photo: Ben Corda

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Behold! My delightful friend and client Heather has posted about a million photos of her living room project. She also, I think, may have called me cheap. Which I totally am. Anyway, go here to see the results. I am very proud!

Photo by an Armstrong

Equally awesome is the nursery of my best Friendster and soon-to-be baby-haver Sarah. I basically did nothing in this project but send over an inspiration board; she and her husband Special Ed did all of the work!

Photo by Sarah

Go here to see the rest. Excellent nursery, my girl! Now hurry up and put a baby in it.

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A few months ago, I was hired by a nice young lady named Heather to help her decorate her formal living room. We exchanged a few emails, I put together a design, we ordered lots of things, and then I was on my way to her town to put it all together.

When I arrived, the room looked like this:

A beautiful room, to be sure, but kind of... empty. So that nice girl and I worked and shopped and styled and hauled around furniture together for a few days, to make it the best living room in the land. I'll let you be the judge of how that went, but I think it turned out pretty well. You know. Kind of nice. Or whatever.

You can see the results here.

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I woke up this morning confused. Was I late for work? Had I forgotten to do something? What day was it?

The time on my phone read 8:30. And then I remembered. Oh, hell no, I wasn't late. I was EARLY. For my 9:00 appointment with my NEW LIFE.

I thought you might like to take a little tour of my new office, also known as my living room. Please excuse the terrible light in the pictures -- there have been ominous thunderstorms all day. I'm sure it was just the universe's way of saying congratulations.

Anyway, here is my new coffee station. My new assistant had already made the coffee and set out a mug for me. (Just kidding. It was Vince Chao. He later confessed that he chose the Oprah mug so that I would have an inspiring start to my day. I am not making that up.)

Next, I ate several peanut butter cups for breakfast. Don't judge me.

A nice lady sent me some gorgeous flowers this morning. I am not ashamed to say that I did the ugly cry at the card, which read: "May every day be design, hamburgers, and Oprah. Love, Sarah."

Welcome to my new office. I don't know that I've ever shown you this view of the living room; the fireplace is directly behind me. I love having my desk in this room -- the light is usually lovely in the mornings, except of course for today, which is why I have every single lamp burning. Anyway, there's my desk on the ostrich wall, and I've arranged lots of seating in here, for client meetings and/or group napping. So that's pretty cool.

I've tried to make it so my desk stays fairly uncluttered, even though I have a million cords and wires hidden behind the machine. The basket is good for holding pens, my constant rotation of lists, and bills, bills, bills.

The note leaning against the computer is from my boyfriend Greg Berlanti, which he sent me a long time ago along with notes on my spec script. It reads, in part, "Life is too short to have the wrong dream." Indeed.

This is the other side of the living room, which you've seen before -- the desk is now directly behind me. I sat here today while Helen Jane and I discussed our fun times panel for Mom 2.0 in a couple of weeks. I also sat here while on the phone with a new client. NEW CLIENT!

And then I went into the bathroom and took this picture of myself wearing pigtails and jeans, because I can do that now.

So there is my office, and that was Day One. Here's to many more days that are just as good -- nay, even better. Stay tuned.

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1. Decorating for Christmas. But not too much. I still have to put up the tree/wrap presents/make teacher gifts/discard teacher gifts due to burning/make more teacher gifts/lose my mind. But: all of my gifts have been bought. Boughten. This is a miraculous and beautiful thing.

Is it annoying to use images I uploaded to Flickr weeks ago? I apologize. Not enough to stop doing it, but just know that I feel bad about it.

The delicious sunburst mirror came from a local store, so I am sorry to say I can't tell you where to get one of your own. Also, the cute white stockings came from Walmart, so judge me as you must.

2. Making curtains out of drop cloths. I mean, come on. Have you ever seen a cooler idea? I got it from the Internet. Here's what you do: Go to Lowe's (or Home Depot, or your local hardware store, but I checked all of my options and Lowe's had the best quality fabric). Buy 2 drop cloths. Wash, wash, wash and dry the drop cloths. Now, wash them again. I hope you have a big washer. Cut and hem the bottom edge (I bought 12' x 15' drop cloths, because my windows are 120" wide and my ceilings are 10' tall. I stitched the long side to about 10', and hung them at 9.5' or so. (The ones I bought were already finished on all sides, with a shirttail hem.)). Hang. THE END.

3. Furiously searching for and downloading pictures of bathrooms for the addition we're planning in the new year. I don't know if you can tell what I like from this randomly chosen set of inspiration photos. They are all so different. We are very excited about this project -- it's been on our list of things to do basically since we moved into our house 6 years ago. And there is a teenager I know who is super happy about not having to share with her parents anymore. Hey, kid: THE FEELING IS MUTUAL.

[gallery link="file"] 4. In an unexpected development, I've taken on a real, live, paying decorating client. I am scared and nervous and exhilarated. It is kind of a trial run. The fun starts after the holidays. More details as they come. The excitement makes me write in little sentences. I'll not reveal the identity of my client, but they are closely connected to this person:

Obviously, I've written several private meetings into our contract. Consultations, if you will. For art.