Do y'all know about Storyville? If you do not, then you are in luck, because I am going to tell you.

The company -- which owns shops in New Orleans, Austin, and Baton Rouge -- was started by a fantastic group of siblings who grew up right here in Monroe. Since I love New Orleans, and since I also love the Harvey kids, I make it a point to stop by the NOLA location every time I am down. (The fact that the shop is located next to Sucré certainly doesn't hurt, either.) Storyville's t-shirt designs almost all come from online contests (which also feature $$$ prizes!), and the shirts are printed fresh daily in the Storyville Print Shop, also located in NOLA. Storyville's products are very location-centric, so if you are from, have visited, or harbor a deep/abiding love of any of the above locales, Storyville is totally for you.

Monroe / They All Asked For Drew / Water Meter / Who Dat Owl

I myself am partial to the Monroe: Better Than West Monroe t-shirt, pictured above, for obvious reasons. It's all in good fun, though -- WM, we still love you. (You are the home of Duck Dynasty, after all.) I also own the NOLA Water Meter shirt, which comes in a million awesome colors, and it gets compliments everywhere I go. 

Desire NOLA / Little LouisianaNOLA Seasons / Little Red Crevette / Deep In The Heart

Many of the shirts are printed in baby/kid sizes, like the Little Red Crevette shirt, which I would kind of like to own for myself. Do y'all think I would look cute in a onesie?

Storyville shirts are available in their respective local stores, AND you may also order them online. See all the designs here, and get to ordering! (And please buy extra for me. Thanks.)

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Hello, friends! I have a special treat for you today. I'm just kidding, it's not really a treat. It's just something I have wanted to do for fun since Holly did it, which is make a video of myself recording the way I talk. I know, Holly sounds much smarter and more eruditer than me, with her dumb English accent or whatever. But in honor of the big LSU(1)-Alabama(2) game tomorrow (for which we in the lower states are all stupid excited and are going to make Rotel dip like it's the SUPER BOWL or something), y'all check my Southern swagger.

Accent Test from ab chao on Vimeo.

And to be honest, although of course I want LSU to win, I wouldn't have any other team besides them but Alabama go to the finals. As Russell Shepard said:

I don't care what nobody has to say.....85 of the nastiest and toughest barbarians from the bottom of the map about to put on a show..

PS, I was outside in the DARK when I recorded this, so you're going to have to forgive the crazy white balance. What, I'm a professional?

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