Have you been wondering what I've been working on lately, besides online clients and my hair? Well, I will tell you: a fun room for a little boy. My client is the mother of the girl whose room I did here. We are installing everything in a couple of weeks, when you will be able to see the real thing. I'm so excited about this one, because it's fun and dark and modern and old and weird and full of space and maps.

The little boy himself is very into space and maps, but he also seems to be the kind of kid that would be into mid-century furniture and Kierkegaard, if 7-year-old kids were into that sort of thing. Kind of a modern professorial cabin type. He'd wear tweed blazers with elbow patches, is what I am saying. He is also Indian. So the vintage map of India was my jumping-off point, and everything kind of spiraled from there. If his parents weren't vegetarian, I would have really pushed for some squirrel taxidermy.

The zebra rug is the only existing thing in the entire room, so we're going stem-to-stern on this baby. I'm hoping to convince the mom that we should paint the entire shebang inky-gray, but if I can't, we'll go lighter on the walls and dark dark dark on the ceiling. So when this kid looks up at the Nelson lamp at night, it's like he's IN SPACE. And, you know, you can't go wrong with ticking stripes and a wool camp blanket. Nor can you go wrong with an astronomically correct planet mobile and a fabulous orange chair.

Stay tuned: photos of the actual room will be here before you know it.

PS. I'm sorry that I can't provide source info for any of this stuff yet, but, you know, that wouldn't be fair.

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