I have been growing my hair out for over a year now, and it is still not long enough for me to do many things with it. That is not for lack of trying, of course; I've been trying to French braid the front for at least a few months. I finally succeeded about a week ago, and that made me happy. But what made me happier was discovering pictures of Miroslava Duma, who is an adorable Russian freelance writer with mid-length hair.

Oh, yes, she is fabulous (1.). What would make her cuter is some hair accessories: the (2.)scarf, the (3.)turban, and the (4.)neon ponytail holder. I think I will try all three on my mid-length hair, and stop crying that it's not long enough.

Another thing I will do hair-wise is continue to watch Hairdresser on Fire, who will show you how to do a Mermaid Braid, and a Half-Up Twist, and a bunch of other awesome things on video. I love her because she is cute and good on film.

 And if I ever decided to cut my hair short again, I would do something like this. Faux-hawk for the win!

Natalie Portman, Ruby Rose, Mia Michaels

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