Last night, my girlfriend Oprah posted on Twitter that her upcoming appearance on Morning Joe was making her "nervous-ola." I have never in my life heard anyone other than my own very Southern mother say that word, which reminded me of how funny she can be -- often unintentionally. Coincidentally, I was also looking at old blog entries yesterday to re-post for your enjoyment, and I found this one from 2006. I was on my way to Los Angeles to see Pamie and meet Greg Berlanti, for whom I eventually ended up working on his show Eli Stone. Anyway. Please delight in this slice of my life.
From: Mom Subject: Re: L.A. trip Date: September 20, 2006 9:21:11 PM CDT To: AB I'm praying for your safety. Call me tomorrow night and let me know you are okay or email me. You know that even 30 year-olds get abducted (especially cute, small ones). Have a great time and remember you are a Southern girl with good manners. Also, wear lipstick. I would say don't smoke in front of people, but that's pointless. It just makes you look not as pretty. Take pictures and have fun! Love, Mom
I would just like to note that I never did smoke in front of "people," by which I am almost positive she meant Greg. However, I did drink several glasses of champagne and giggle a lot. And just in case you were worried, I wore lipstick every day. Have a fabulous weekend! We will be in New Orleans running the half-marathon on Sunday, so say a little prayer for my joints while y'all are in church that morning.
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