When I was in San Francisco last week for my two (awesome) design camps, I noticed Lisa Congdon's lovely neon pink necklace collection, and I was sore jeals. Lisa dresses a lot like she paints -- lots of neutrals like black and white and gray, then BAM! Some big vibrant color. I myself am a fan of this wardrobe method, so it surprises me that I don't already have any neon accessories. I intend to remedy that, and here are some pretty choices I found:

I like the gold on single facets of the wood in the left-hand picture, and I really love the pink + neutral with the gold chain.

Left: FIGUREframe, $18.  Right: A Merry Mishap, $30.99.

This company -- an English joint called Oelwein -- has some really beautiful necklaces in all different shades of neon, hung on a natural leather cord. I want to wear them all together at once.

Wood + paint + gold + neon pink cording = Love. In the end, these both seemed a little long for my purposes, but they are still awesome. And I can't resist things styled with confetti.

Left: Soft Gold Studio, $38. Right: Oelwein, $21.47.

Perfection! This is the one I ended up going with, and I think it is a good combination of all the things I loved about the others: gold, pink, on a chain, unobtrusive, not too long, etc. Just right.

I hope you have been riveted by this difficult decision. Go forth and accessorize, neonly.

THE ONE: Minoux Jewelry Shop, $44.

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Over the weekend I saw this picture, which was part of a larger series of photos of a seafood boil party (which looks SUPER fun, but I would obviously add crawfish.)

And lo, I became hooked on a) inventing my own line of personalized wine bottles, and b) finding the perfect summer-weight hot pink maxi skirt. Now, lest you think I am obsessed with this color, I will have you know that I only own one...okay, two...FINE, SEVEN HOT PINK ITEMS. But, really, what's one more?

Anyway, I turned to Pinterest to ease my pain, which it did. (That place has everything!) Pinterest led me to a blog entry containing this photo:

Which led me here, where I purchased one (1) hot pink skirt, on sale. And I decided that I will probably wear it much like the girl in the picture: with a white V-neck tee, flat leather sandals, and lots of accessories. Like so:

1. Skirt, 2. Necklace, 3. Tee*, 4. Suns**, 5. Sandals, 6. Bracelet, 7. Lips, 8. Nails

Are you so excited? It all feels so late summer to me. Let's go out and buy pink skirts, and then get together and drink pink cocktails.


*I only buy two kinds of white tees: Hanes from Walmart and James Perse. Either one will do.

**I special-ordered my Ray-Bans so that they resembled Tami Taylor's as much as possible. I am not ashamed of this.

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I am pretty sure this is a trend now. I do not care -- I love it. Should you ever say no to a neutral with a neon? I think not. Behold.

1. Business cards. I am pretty sure this picture is of my actual business cards, which I ordered from the amazing Jordan Ferney a few months ago. I got three different neon colors painted on the edges. Try it; you'll like it! [Cards]

2. Oh, high-tops. How long have I been looking for a pair of metallic gold ladies' high-tops to wear with skinny jeans, like I am Kelly Wearstler or something? A long time. I think these neon yellow ones will do nicely. [High-tops]

3. Oh, hello, linen and neon painting. Come live in my house. [Painting]

4. Clutches are for ladies. Clutches with pineapples are for southern ladies. Clutches with pineapples in a neon color are for me. [Clutch]

5. I have tried and tried to be a nice girl and get my manicures in a neutral color. Alas, I cannot. My SKIN is a neutral color, y'all! My nails are neon. [Link]

6. Beautiful decay + neon = LOVE. [Link]

7. This is what I look like after a beach vacation. Just kidding. It's just what I wish I looked like. [Link]

8. Again, it's summer: your skin is the neutral; your clothes are the color. [Skirt]

9. Wooden bracelet with a painted edge? It's like my business card. On my ARM. [Bracelet]

10. I cannot even talk about this, it's so great. I just know it is beautiful. [Sidewalk Chalk]

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