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1. Hey, guess what, y'all? A couple of people have switched their camp locations from Seattle to Portland -- AND I decided to raise the Seattle class size to 20 -- so I currently have FOUR openings in Seattle. Get on it, all you waitlisters! I am very excited about this development. Sign up for Seattle HERE.

2. Speaking of Portland, I still have openings there too. And the price is now $250! (PS, the price is also $250 for those of you who signed up before I did the discount. I didn't forget about you!) Mini-camp, yay! Sign up for Portland HERE.

3. The NYC camp is going to be held in the GORGEOUS new Sunday Suppers loft, pictured above. It's located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which I hear is sort of a happening place. Oh, and I've raised the class size of that one to 20, too. Because I love y'all. Oh, and Nick Olsen will be there. What? Yes. Everything is beautiful, go sign up, the end.


*Unrelated: Thanks so much to everyone who's written/commented to ask about us -- we are fine and safe and despite being surrounded by downed lines/trees, somehow even have power! Around 7,000 people here don't, though, so if you're one of them, you are welcome to come over. We're having tortilla soup tonight.

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First, I want to say thank you so much for all of the incredibly nice things y'all have said about the guest room I decorated, both here and at Dooce. I like y'all!

And now, on to camp business.

1. NOLA is going to be sold out in approximately five seconds, so if you want in, do it (dewit) ASAP. I also have a lead on a possible location, and if it works out, MINDS will be BLOWN. I'm super excited.

2. Atlanta Camp is now NYC Camp. This will make some of you sad, but of all the camp locations, this was the only one with zero signups. ZERO. However, I've had a lot of interest in NYC, so to NYC we will go. Yay!

3. All camp dates have been set, and are as follows:

NOLA: May 12-13
Austin: June 30-July 1
San Francisco: July 21-22
Seattle: September 15-16
NYC: October 20-21

4. San Francisco's location has been set: it is going to be held at the lovely Jordan Ferney's letterpress studio, which is, like, the best thing ever.

5. More info, including what "dewit" means, here. Sign up here. I love you all. The end!

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