Remember this? It's the original mockup I made for the bathroom, nearly a year ago. I remember saying that if I splurged on one item, it would be a Niche Modern pendant light. The universe must have heard, because -- incredibly -- the very nice people at Niche Modern decided to donate one to my cause. I KNOW, RIGHT?!

The light I chose is the Solitaire Pendant in "Effervescent." I really thought I was going to go with a color until the very last minute, but I'm so glad I went with this one. I love that it's clear and you can see the Edison bulb so well. I also love the bubbles trapped in the glass globe part of the light, because it reminds me of champagne, and champagne is something I like to drink in the bathtub. The circle of life!

 I clean it every day with a duster made of unicorn lashes.

The light is hung directly over the bathtub so that I can admire its beauty while IN said bathtub, which I am sure is breaking a lot of laws. Please nobody report me to the electricity police. Here's a photo I took of the view from the tub:

And here's how you get that shot:

In closing, I am so happy to have this pendant light, and I think it completes the bathroom (but not in a creepy Jerry Maguire way.) Thank you so much, Niche Modern! I love it.

All photos by Ben Corda except where specified.

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