Last week in the comments of my pillow entry, Emma said:

Help me, AB, you're my only hope!!! I'm leaving for college in two weeks and I desperately need pillow advice. I have the boring, comfy white pillows upon which actual sleeping will happen, but now I'm desperately in need some funky throw pillows in cool designs for as little money as is humanly possible. This is my comforter.

Where can I get pillows that will look good with it? And what should they look like?

-A Desperate, Pillow-less Almost-Frosh

Well, Emma, you're in luck. Today is the inaugural post of something I've been wanting to do for a while, and that is to put together an entire room with pieces from just one store. But we don't want it to look like you just ordered everything from one page of the catalog, of course. So, since your quilt is from Urban Outfitters, I've used that as a jumping-off point, and chosen several other items from their store to put together an entire room for you.

1. The quilt you already own.

2. You said you already have white pillows to sleep on. I'd get a couple of shams that are similar in hue to your quilt. It doesn't matter if they don't quite match; they're in the same color family. Also, these are 2 for $30!

3. My decorating theory is to save on the pieces you can and then splash out on one item. This is the only thing in the whole list that doesn't come from UO. It's from Furbish, and it costs $70.00, and YOU ARE WORTH IT. (PS, Furbish has brass urchins back in stock, so get them while they're hot, y'all.)

4. Now, this isn't a custom curtain, but its dimensions are pretty generous (52" x 84") and if you're just covering a dorm room window, it's going to add great texture to your room. Get an inexpensive rod at Target or somewhere, and go to town.

5. This rug is so your color scheme, and comes in a bunch of different sizes. Get the biggest one you can afford.

6. Tell your parents you want this for a graduation present. It will echo the color/pattern in your bedding, and you'll love sitting on it while you put on your party shoes for that sorority mixer.

7. Every girl needs a floor lamp for studying by. The fact that it's the perfect yellow is just a bonus.

8. This bedside table is so, so cute, and has a bonus cabinet for extra ramen noodle package storage. If you can't spring for this particular table, find a similar one at a garage sale and paint it gray. Done!

Total: Approximately $750.

All items via Urban Outfitters, except #3, which comes from Furbish.


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