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I created this outfit mainly so I could tell y'all that Uniqlo now has an online shop. I was just at the actual store last week, and they didn't have that black vest in my size, but guess what? I can order it now. And so can you!

It is very, very cold in our drafty old house, so I am all ready for turtlenecks and hats, and down vests in my size. PS, I have a version of those Madewell oxfords, and they are still going strong after over two years. A worthy investment, I'd say.

Thanks for all the good ideas and well-wishes over the weekend. I am feeling tons better, and can almost turn my head all the way to the left. Heh.

AuthorAB Chao

Look at my sweet girls doing some wine-tasting at the Mighty Summit this weekend. We had such a good time, and learned such good learning. Pamie wrote this about the whole thing, and boy am I glad, since I am too lazy to be writing all of those words about how awesome it was..

In other news, a frazillion decorating projects are happening over here at Camp Chao. I am still working right this second, and I still have miles to go before I sleep. But also, check out the fabulous paintings I just received from Carter Kustera! Could you maybe be awesomer, Mr. Kustera, with your beautiful painted silhouettes and pithy sayings underneath? I think not. I was so excited to receive them and frame them all fancy-like. Hank and Madeleine have never looked so good. (I will not be telling you what their captions say, because I am feeling weirdly protective of them. I could change my mind at any moment, but for now you don't get to know.)


And now, for some outfit talk. I wore the items you see above to the wedding we attended in Seattle a few weeks ago, and also to the Sunday night "cocktail attire" dinner at the Summit. Sarah liked my shoes so much that she immediately accessed her laptop on our arrival back at the hotel and ordered some for herself. She officially named it "The AB Chao Memorial Kate Spade Karolina Shoe Order." I love it. The dress is last year's J. Crew, the pearls were a gift from my mother-in-law, the lipstick is Nars which you can buy at any Sephora, and the watch is a hand-me-down from my mother.

So, speaking of outfits, would any of you be interested in a fashion styling type thing? Like, "I need an outfit for my high school reunion, help!" Check yes, no, or maybe in the comments.

Over the weekend I saw this picture, which was part of a larger series of photos of a seafood boil party (which looks SUPER fun, but I would obviously add crawfish.)

And lo, I became hooked on a) inventing my own line of personalized wine bottles, and b) finding the perfect summer-weight hot pink maxi skirt. Now, lest you think I am obsessed with this color, I will have you know that I only own one...okay, two...FINE, SEVEN HOT PINK ITEMS. But, really, what's one more?

Anyway, I turned to Pinterest to ease my pain, which it did. (That place has everything!) Pinterest led me to a blog entry containing this photo:

Which led me here, where I purchased one (1) hot pink skirt, on sale. And I decided that I will probably wear it much like the girl in the picture: with a white V-neck tee, flat leather sandals, and lots of accessories. Like so:

1. Skirt, 2. Necklace, 3. Tee*, 4. Suns**, 5. Sandals, 6. Bracelet, 7. Lips, 8. Nails

Are you so excited? It all feels so late summer to me. Let's go out and buy pink skirts, and then get together and drink pink cocktails.


*I only buy two kinds of white tees: Hanes from Walmart and James Perse. Either one will do.

**I special-ordered my Ray-Bans so that they resembled Tami Taylor's as much as possible. I am not ashamed of this.

AuthorAB Chao
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