I hope y'all attended a NYE as fun as this: img_2773 img_2767 img_2766 img_2758 img_2868 img_2750 And now, a short list of things I'd like to accomplish this year: 1. Run more miles in less time. 2. Always have printer paper/clean towels/champagne in the house. 3. Kick ass in ping pong. 4. Quit buying so many jeans. 5. Try to be nicer about people's hair. 6. Get a new car. 7. Give an old car to a licensed teenager. 8. Transition this site to a portfolio/blog. 9. Learn how to make pinch-pleated curtains. 10. Take a leap that scares me. Happy New Year! Unrelated: please call me if you can do pinch pleats.