So, Internet, I took stock of your comments from my last entry about what my next Dewit should be. And I thought to myself, hey, self, why don't you stick it in a pie chart? That will be fun and visually educational! And y'all, let me just tell you: free pie charts on the internet are ugly.

Here's the first pie chart I made.


Uh, can you read that? No? Me neither. Plus, please note the hideous colors. I kept searching. Finally, I found another one that was a tiny bit better.

Aw, Number 2 pie chart! You have pretty colors, but you are still pretty weird. What's with the numbers instead of percentages? Why are you so sad, pie chart? WHY.

Y'all, what you will see below is the best free pie chart on the internet. I hope you appreciate the work I do to make this site beautiful every day.


It's not perfect. It's not even that pretty. But it sure as shit is better than those other ones. Good work, Pie Chart #3. We salute you. And coming soon to a Dewit near you: Shelf/Table Accessorizing.

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