Hello, world!

I have finally figured how to a) make a media kit, and b) make a rate sheet. Once upon a time I was a web designer, so I should be good at these things, but I am kind of not. However, with the help and advice of a couple of nice ladies, and a lot of cussing and layer-moving, I have finally figured it out. I am real proud of my own damn Photoshop skills.

So, this is just to say, if you are interested in advertising/sponsorship/whatever on abchao.com (left) or having something decorated by AB Chao* (.com) (right), please take yourself to the Contact page, email me, and I'll send you one of these pretty PDFs.

I know this is a horrible post. "Look at me! Give me $$$$$!" I can't help it, y'all. A self-employed girl has to LIVE, okay? Plus there are some fall clothes I really want. What? I'm just telling you.

*I've also invented a fancy new pricing structure that can work for all of your budgets. Small! Big! EXTREEM! I've got 'em all.

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