A few weeks ago I was somehow reminded of a picture I had seen on Jamie Meares's blog, and tweeted this:

I need somebody to wrap some sticks with neon thread, and send them to me.

And today, I received a package in the mail from the darling and fabulous Kate Flaim (Girl Reporter).

Now, Miss Kate had told me she was going to do this. But, y'all. I didn't think she would actually do it. People (me) say they are going to do things all the time, and they don't. But Kate, she did it! So that should just let you know how great she is. And when I opened the package: Reader, I died.

Are you KIDDING me? Are these not the most amazing neon string-wrapped sticks you have ever seen? I KNOW! Wait, there's a tiny note in there, too? In the words of Debbie Allen: CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT, HONEY, BECAUSE KATE FLAIM IS BURNING HOT.

The note contained an actual apology from Kate about the silliness of the project. Now, I may be a touch emotional today because of the little incident my child had last night, but I will tell you this for free: the sweetness of it all made me have tears. It was so nice, and perfect timing, and made my whole day.

So, thank you, Kate. You are a stick-wrapping happiness factory.

(She also included a hot pink pencil and a teeny-tiny tag that read, "From the tanglewood tree." Can you EVEN? I cannot.)

So there you have it. Evidence that one small gesture can be incredibly big. Plus: STICKS!

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