Since we are renovating one soon, I am currently obsessed with all things bathroom. I don't know, you may have noticed. In honor of this sledgehammer I'm holding, I present a roundup of bathroom-related items that are over $500, and some equally delightful ones that are under $500. Enjoy!

In our current bathroom, there are three hooks in a row on one wall, and I always love seeing towels there. So I am going to keep the hooks, and decorate them with these Turkish bath towels. The prices for these are so wildly variable that I do not understand what it all MEANS. Anyway, I love the low version, and that particular shop has a million different choices. Go forth! Get your hammam on! (Is that offensive? Was I just accidentally racist, y'all?)

High: Turkish Hammam Towel, L'Aviva Home. $65. / Low: Turkish Bath Towel, Bath Style. $24.50.

I would love to use these as sconces on either side of a bathroom mirror. Someday, some client will let me. Will it be YOU?

High: Signal 2-Arm Sconce, Jielde. $417. / Low: Atelier Swing-Arm Sconce, Restoration Hardware. $189-$239.

Mirrors! Every bathroom needs one. Or two. Or thirteen, I don't know your life.

I have been scouring the internet daily for an antique gilded mirror -- and I found a lovely, inexpensive (though not antique) option at Pottery Barn, of all places. I will probably get it, and then both of the bathrooms at Chao Camp can boast PB mirrors. A worthy accomplishment, to be sure.

High: Antique French Gilt Mirror, 1st Dibs. Contact dealer for price. (This is code for:"You cannot afford this mirror.") / Low: Gilded Laurel Mirror, Pottery Barn. $149.99.

Y'all know I love myself some Leontine Linens, and I will probably soon visit their adorable shop on Magazine St. in New Orleans to order one of these hand towels. But! If you do not have this option, and/or are counting pennies, I think these linen hemstitched towels (From Pottery Barn! In a set of 2!) are a perfect substitute.

High: Ivory Terry Applique Towel, Leontine Linens. $75. / Low: Linen Hemstitch Applique Guest Towels, Pottery Barn. $29.00

Happy weekend, everyone! Bathroom demolition begins in the morning! So say we all!

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Today I bought this.

And this.

And this.

Oh yes, and soon to be ordered: THIS.

The second bathroom reno -- and last room in our house that needs reno-ING -- is happening, people. Demolition starts Saturday. Come over and rage on some tile with that sledgehammer. I'll buy the beer.

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This morning, Mad's room looked like this: img_0609 and now it looks like this: img_0619 and our guest/TV room looked like this (with all the furniture removed, please ignore the purple walls that are going away ASAP): img_0612 and now it looks like this: img_0617 ...and that big hole was once two adjacent closets -- one in the guest room, and one in Madeleine's room -- that will soon be a second bathroom. One we've been waiting for and wanting for a long, long time. Ever since Sars came to visit and our one bathroom flooded. Over the weekend. On a Sunday. PS. It's Sars's birthday today. Happy birthday, Sars! We got you a new bathroom. I'll keep you updated on the progress as it happens. Our contractor has told us it should take 3 to 4 weeks but things are moving so fast I think it will be done sooner. I may or may not be able to show you after pictures, depending on whether a) I've died from the stress of half our belongings being in the dining room or b) I fall into a hole or c) contractual obligations. What the hell am I talking about? I'll tell you later. Yay!
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