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Your Wednesday Headless Photo

I'm just going to keep showing you tiny bits of the bathroom until you can't take it anymore and come over here and beat me up. But when you do that, go ahead and bring some wine.



Bathroom Renovation: Super Tease

Y'all, we are finished with the bathroom. Well, kind of finished: there is a floor, and water comes out of the places it's supposed to and stays in the places it's supposed to. We still have to paint baseboards and whatnot, but it's basically done.

I don't know if I told you this, but we were recently asked to participate in a home tour to benefit the Northeast Louisiana Children's Museum. So, you know, not stressful at all to get the house ready while also renovating the bathroom. I know, it is our own damn fault. Anyway, the house tour was on Saturday, and there was a little party for the tour house owners on Friday night. I had to leave the (awesome) party to check on our (awesome) plumber. At midnight. While he installed the bathtub.

Here we are installing the sub-floor over the existing tile:

And here is a tiny glimpse of the final product. Y'all know I can't be showing you everything until it's all perfect. Soon! So very, very soon. As soon as I gather up the energy to break out the paint cans. Again.


Your Monday Headless Photo

Allow me to introduce Team Chao: Bathroom Renovation Edition. These two have been working like dogs to get this place whipped into shape. And now you know where I have been for the last week and a half. I'll check back in soon.

Next up: floors!