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Roundup: Black & Gold

In honor of our Saints' win this week (whew!), a black and gold roundup for you to enjoy on this fine Wednesday. I actually own that pencil sharpener, and it is THE BEST pencil sharpener on earth. Trust.


1. Ebony Ring Duo by Sophie Monet. 2. Gold Dot Tights by Kate Spade. 3. Triangles Wallpaper by Lisa Congdon. 4. Nars Eyeshadow in Silent Night. 5. Pencil Sharpener by Carl International. 6. Black/Gold Baker's Twine by Knot & Bow.


Roundup: I'm So Cold

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I created this outfit mainly so I could tell y'all that Uniqlo now has an online shop. I was just at the actual store last week, and they didn't have that black vest in my size, but guess what? I can order it now. And so can you!

It is very, very cold in our drafty old house, so I am all ready for turtlenecks and hats, and down vests in my size. PS, I have a version of those Madewell oxfords, and they are still going strong after over two years. A worthy investment, I'd say.

Thanks for all the good ideas and well-wishes over the weekend. I am feeling tons better, and can almost turn my head all the way to the left. Heh.


Items of Interest

Photo: Shutterbean

I'm just super busy today, y'all. I mean, nobody is as busy as I am. Why are you all so lazy when I am so busy?

Just kidding. I am not that busy. It actually drives me crazy when people say that. I am working on something for tomorrow, though, so today I'm sending you elsewhere. Go to here:

1. Tracy is real mean for putting this cake recipe up. Now I have to make this, and the other three things linked WITHIN THE POST. (Wings, carbs, booze.)

2. These Halloween costumes are allegedly for children, but I'm pretty sure I'll be dressing as Andy Warhol my own self. Wonder if that tiny wig would fit me?

3. I had a wave of instant nostalgia on seeing this kookooo -- I mean, "fly ass" -- manicure. Anybody know why? Are those old stickers or something? Also, I want to have that manicure.

4. Fall-esque weather is making me miss my No. 6 boots so much. If you will recall, I left them in a rental car last year while visiting Jamie Meares. I will have you again one day, boots! (Also check out No. 6's fall lookbook. It's good.)

5. These beautiful geometric ornaments have been in my Etsy favorites for a while but I never realized that IT IS A TEMPLATE. Reading comprehension so bad for me.

6. Camp Brand! As the owner of both Chao and Design Camp, I love it all. You best believe I bought that Happy Camper sweatshirt on the spot. Because I am one.

7. "What Would Miles Redd Do?," indeed. And now he has a book? He is my hero on seven different levels.

8. LATE ADDITION: 10 Celebrity Impressions No One Else Does. Topher Grace as Michael J. Fox is my favorite.

OK, that's all I got. See you on the flip.


Roundup: Fall Faves


Y'all, I am really into tassels and poofy accessories right now. If I could have an entire dress made of the tassels on that bracelet, I would wear it EVERY DAY. I am pretty sure this is all Mrs. Lilien's fault -- her love for the tassel is known far and wide.

Anyway, please enjoy these five accessories that I am endeavoring to add to my wardrobe for fall. I think they would add a nice punch to the Elegant Cowgirl uniform. (Although my secret goal is obviously to accrue enough poufs to fashion one of these hair concoctions on my own.)


Roundup: What To Wear To Design Camp, Fall Edition

Tomorrow is my very first mini-camp! In Portland! I am very excited. So how about a little camp-related roundup, all in fall colors? Let's do this.

1. It's a little chilly in Portland right now. Like, at least 60. You might need a jacket!

2. There's an interiors photography lesson at the end of class, so you'll need a cute Epiphanie bag to hold your camera (even if that camera is an iPhone!).

3. "Be Brave" is the first thing we learn at camp. It's real important.

4. A scarf: for your neck if it's cold; for your head if you're feeling jaunty. This vintage Vera scarf is perfect for fall!

5. We don't do a lot of walking, so here's your chance to wear your best -- as Oprah calls them -- sitting shoes.

6. Optional: Bike. It IS Portland, after all.