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Roundup: Espresso Machine + Accoutrement(ssssss)

This roundup could probably also count as a Friday Over $500 since everything in it is mega-pricy, but let's not think about that for now. For now let's just think about these beautiful items that will allow us to create our own private coffee shop at home.

1. I hear from reliable sources that the Expobar is the new, hot espresso machine to buy. (My sources are all nerds.) Expobar Office Lever, $1299.

2. Only the best coffee beans will do for our fancy machine. Intelligentsia has incredible coffee, and also their Silverlake shop has awesome floors. Intelligentsia Black Cat Whole Bean Coffee, 12 oz., $15.

3. If you don't have a burr grinder, you are wasting your time. If you don't have a burr grinder with a doser, you are probably a better barista than I am. According to those same nerds in 1., the Mazzer Mini grinder is the only way to go. Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder, $576.

4. Cups and saucers, natch. Latte cup/saucer set of 6, $23.99.

5. A frothing pitcher, so you can make pretty foam flowers in your latte and whatnot. Rattleware Latte Art Pitcher, $9.49.*

6. Now we need somewhere to enjoy this fancy coffee, and this beautiful spring weather. This Outdoor (!) Eames lounge chair + ottoman should do nicely. Outdoor Eames Aluminum Group Lounge Chair, $2147, and Ottoman, $1007.

7. Pretty books with pretty pictures for looking at, prettily. Woman's Day, Essential Home Decorating Reads, prices vary.


*I am not being sponsored by Whole Latte Love, even though they have the best name ever. It's just that all of the stuff I want here is available there.


Roundup: NOLA Half Marathon

With a little over a week left until the half marathon in New Orleans (Our third! Remember when the only place I ran was to the car to drive to Smoker's Paradise?), I've started gathering the items I'll need for the race. This year I've decided to be so cute that nobody will notice if I don't run very fast -- a definite possibility due to my INCREDIBLY ANNOYING KNEE INJURY. And if you didn't think runners could have good outfits, please reconsider:

1. Compression socks. Not normally what you'd think of as cute, but in hot pink, they are!

2. My beloved Brooks Launch, otherwise known as The Shoe That Fixed My Knee.

3. For the past two years I have worn boring running tops, while surrounded by people wearing things much more creative than a sad blue tank. So this year I am getting all Breesed up. I may or may not put my name on the front. (Also I am going to wear my hair like that girl's, which idea I find both ridiculous and awesome.)

4. Y'all think I won't wear a sequin fanny pack to carry all of my important race items? Think again.

5. Hand-held water bottle. A must for my mental well-being. If I get tired of carrying it, maybe I can fit it in the fanny pack.

6. Arm warmers. I probably won't be wearing these, since the temperature in NOLA in March is basically summer, but they sure are a cute color.

7. Shorts. I usually wear compression running capris, but see above re: summer temps.

8. I cannot live without my running watch. It's my favorite thing on this page.

9. Shuffle. Obvs. First album up: WHITNEY.

10. The thing most runners use for energy during races, which is called Gu, is a thing that makes me vom. So my fanny pack will be filled with Sport Beans and Shot Bloks. And possibly methamphetamines.

I think that's it. Starting this weekend, it's basically super easy runs and non-stop carbs, so I am very much looking forward to that. See you on the other side (of this pile of spaghetti).


Roundup: Spring Patterns


Today I did a little spring shopping at J. Crew (thank you, J. Crew Rewards) and Old Navy (thank you, Old Navy sales), and this is what I bought. Hey, does anybody detect some sort of pattern? No? It's probably just me, then.

I am actually looking forward to putting several of these items together, like some sort of demented sailor with a penchant for neon. Ahoy, y'all.

1. Old Navy 2. Old Navy 3. J. Crew 4. J. Crew 5. Old Navy 6. J. Crew 7. J. Crew



Friday Over $500: Bathroom Edition


We've been saving for our second bathroom renovation -- the last room in our entire house that needs work (!!!) -- and I'm almost ready to start deciding on what things I'll be deciding on. You know. It will look something like this, except not a million dollars. Here we go. (Prices are approximate.)

1. These sunshine delights from Schoolhouse Electric are actually affordable, and super cute. I'd get three, for hanging on either side and in the center of my twin sink/mirror combo. $69 per.

2. I couldn't decide between this and the more modern Duravit double sink, but the Kohler utility sink is just so dang charming. Brockway 36" double sink, $1400.

3. Oh, hey, Waterworks unlacquered brass tub fittings. Come over. Henry Exposed Wall Mounted Tub Filler With Handshower, $2950.

4. Carrara floor tile -- in any shape -- will do just fine. Honed Carrara herringbone tile, $10.95/sq. ft.

5. This is the most ridiculous tub I have ever seen. I want it. Unfortunately, none of us can have it, because it was a German limited edition from Kohler like five years ago. Price: who knows? Something German.

6. If I splurge on anything in the whole (real) bathroom, it will be on a Niche Modern light. Don't argue with me, y'all. It's happening. Oculo Modern pendant light, $550.

7. Nina Campbell's Perroquet wallpaper, which you first saw in Domino in her daughter's hallway. Another thing you can't have, since it's never in stock anywhere. Perroquet wallpaper in black, $150/roll.

8. Yellow Bertoia side chair. The second thing I'd splurge on. Also, can we just establish that I hate the word "splurge"? Because I do. Splurge. Gross. Bertoia side chair, $698.

9. ABC Carpet overdyed rug. Obviously. Price: an obscene number.

10. Perhaps madam desires a pair of antique French gilt mirrors from the 1800s? Of course madam does. Price on application.


Things I Love That Are Pink

I guess I have to come correct with things I love that are pink, since I made fun of that the other day in my Steve Jobs post. So here you go.

1. Abigail Ahern, lover of the hottest pink. 2. Pink sofa from...Oh, damn. I don't know and can't remember, but it is probably from a shelter magazine? I'm very sorry. 3. That famous Domino cover of Ruthie Sommers with her dog and that iconic David Hicks fabric. 4. Blair from Atlantic-Pacific, doing like I do with some neutral shoes and hot pink neon laces. 5. PB Teen Task Lamp, secret weapon of decorators worldwide. 6. Veranda's July issue, a veritable cornucopia of pink. 7. Pink Toy Watch.

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