With a little over a week left until the half marathon in New Orleans (Our third! Remember when the only place I ran was to the car to drive to Smoker's Paradise?), I've started gathering the items I'll need for the race. This year I've decided to be so cute that nobody will notice if I don't run very fast -- a definite possibility due to my INCREDIBLY ANNOYING KNEE INJURY. And if you didn't think runners could have good outfits, please reconsider:

1. Compression socks. Not normally what you'd think of as cute, but in hot pink, they are!

2. My beloved Brooks Launch, otherwise known as The Shoe That Fixed My Knee.

3. For the past two years I have worn boring running tops, while surrounded by people wearing things much more creative than a sad blue tank. So this year I am getting all Breesed up. I may or may not put my name on the front. (Also I am going to wear my hair like that girl's, which idea I find both ridiculous and awesome.)

4. Y'all think I won't wear a sequin fanny pack to carry all of my important race items? Think again.

5. Hand-held water bottle. A must for my mental well-being. If I get tired of carrying it, maybe I can fit it in the fanny pack.

6. Arm warmers. I probably won't be wearing these, since the temperature in NOLA in March is basically summer, but they sure are a cute color.

7. Shorts. I usually wear compression running capris, but see above re: summer temps.

8. I cannot live without my running watch. It's my favorite thing on this page.

9. Shuffle. Obvs. First album up: WHITNEY.

10. The thing most runners use for energy during races, which is called Gu, is a thing that makes me vom. So my fanny pack will be filled with Sport Beans and Shot Bloks. And possibly methamphetamines.

I think that's it. Starting this weekend, it's basically super easy runs and non-stop carbs, so I am very much looking forward to that. See you on the other side (of this pile of spaghetti).

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As you may know if you follow me on Twitter, we are training for the NOLA half-marathon again. My knee has been bothering me for the past couple of weeks, and the pain did not abate despite constant ice/elevation/foam rolling/yoga. So, yesterday, I went to the orthopedic doctor. And the doctor was all like, "Oh, hm. Well, it's either something that will get better in a few days, or a tear in your meniscus."


Anyway, I am super depressed about it. Y'all probably couldn't tell from my personality, but I am addicted to endorphins. I am also addicted to the strong, powerful, superior feeling that comes from running really fast for a long time. Which I cannot do for at least another week. Which makes me cry. For real, I have been PMS-weepy since I left the doctor's office. Perhaps I should see another kind of doctor for another kind of medicine?

I received a cortisone shot and a prescription for anti-inflammatories, so let's all just cross our fingers (and knees!) that it works. Because if it doesn't, I am burning down the doctor's office and then my own leg.

In happier news, here's a sneak peek at a before and after that I'll be posting later in the week. Hint: a) it's in my house, b) I've been promising it for about a year now, and c) it is real cute.


Upside down monkey!

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As I said before, last weekend I was in New Orleans for Mom 2.0 Summit. I co-hosted an entertaining panel with the lovely and delightful Helen Jane, where we talked about quick and stylish entertaining, and demonstrated a few tips for making your snappy appetizers look real pretty for your blog. We also served wine. We also made a lot of jokes about nuts (see above).

HJ, who is much better prepared for these kinds of things than I am, has put together a little recap of the photography tips we shared, here. And if you are interested in the slideshow we used, see here. Thank you for your cooperation.

I stayed in New Orleans a few extra days to do some local-client-related work, and finally arrived home Wednesday night. But as Vince, Eliza, and I had signed up a while back for the Crescent City Classic, I found myself in the car again two days later, headed back to NOLA. Which was fine with me -- we took the opportunity to do some poolside lounging at one of my fave hotels. Like ladies (and gentlemen) of leisure.

If you have never had a Pimm's Cup poolside at the Windsor Court in New Orleans, well, I urge you to rectify that situation immediately.

These two think they're pretty fancy. We ended up not leaving the hotel at all until race time the next morning, which was also fine with me.

The race itself was exciting and crowded and hot and ended with free Abita. Our times were all terrible, but who cares? We got fun times and nice tans.

The upshot of the previous weeks of hedonism is that I now feel kind of puffy and gross, so today I am starting a week-long detox. This cleansing diet will include lots of water and tea, and things made with kale and raw almonds, and probably rage and despair.

I'll be back tomorrow with an Easter recap you won't want to miss! (Just kidding. It will mostly be pictures of crawfish.)

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Here is a picture of me squinting into the camera and having a medal and loving you from yesterday, just after the New Orleans half-marathon. We tied our time from last year, which means we ran the race in a little over two and a quarter hours. I was filled with such euphoria from the race that I immediately went to the MGD 64 booth and claimed my two free beers, at which time I downed them from thirst and which -- combined with adrenaline and endorphins -- gave me quite the runner's high. And by runner's high I mean buzz. Afterwards, Vince Chao and I rode the shuttle back, got our car, and went to Parkway, where I ate this. And then I had some ibuprofen and a Strawberry Abita and took a four-hour nap. We love New Orleans so much we decided to make it our valentine. PS, we are going to run the Crescent City Classic on April 23 also, so you should come to that with me and we'll dress up in cute outfits and go for Sazeracs afterwards. It's only 10K! You can do that with your eyes closed. I realize that this has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. I just wanted to say hello, and we ran a fun race, and I love you.
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