As you may know if you follow me on Twitter, we are training for the NOLA half-marathon again. My knee has been bothering me for the past couple of weeks, and the pain did not abate despite constant ice/elevation/foam rolling/yoga. So, yesterday, I went to the orthopedic doctor. And the doctor was all like, "Oh, hm. Well, it's either something that will get better in a few days, or a tear in your meniscus."


Anyway, I am super depressed about it. Y'all probably couldn't tell from my personality, but I am addicted to endorphins. I am also addicted to the strong, powerful, superior feeling that comes from running really fast for a long time. Which I cannot do for at least another week. Which makes me cry. For real, I have been PMS-weepy since I left the doctor's office. Perhaps I should see another kind of doctor for another kind of medicine?

I received a cortisone shot and a prescription for anti-inflammatories, so let's all just cross our fingers (and knees!) that it works. Because if it doesn't, I am burning down the doctor's office and then my own leg.

In happier news, here's a sneak peek at a before and after that I'll be posting later in the week. Hint: a) it's in my house, b) I've been promising it for about a year now, and c) it is real cute.


Upside down monkey!

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