1. Ice Pearl Studs 2. Ban.do Sparkle Headband 3. Lulu Frost For J. Crew Necklace 4. Madewell Sequin Shorts 5. Madewell Sequin Drawstring Pants 6. Madewell Sequin Lightbox Dress 7, 8, 9. Confetti System for West Elm ornaments

Please enjoy these sparkly items for your holiday styling. Those ornaments will even be good for non-Christmas-related decorating, right? Also, as indicated above, I need y'all's opinion on something: I want to get just one of those Madewell sequin items for the holidays. What do you think? I am leaning towards the pants, because they are different and kind of casual, and I already have a black sequin dress, although it is a little different than the Madewell one. So, what say you? Are the pants too crazy...uh, pants?

PS. Doesn't that Madewell model totally look like Kristen Bell?

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