I'll be posting a general SF design camp recap next week, but today I wanted to spotlight one of my lovely sponsors, who also served as my assistant -- a peerless hauler of ice, milk, sandwiches, and popsicles -- Miss Hannah Huffman.

I've known Hannah since the way-back days of Flickr, where we all posted photos from our new DSLRs and talked about our feelings. The difference between Hannah and the rest of us is that she is an incredibly talented photographer, one who actually likes film and does things like get it developed. 

Also, she is super cute and wears bucks with neon soles. So, we're obviously not ever going to be as cool as she is.

Photos by Victoria Smith

Hannah donated a gorgeous set of prints to go in the SF campers' goodie bags. I accidentally stashed a set for myself and they are now accidentally framed on my wall. I stole things, okay? You can't stop me.

Look at those prints! Gorgeous, gorgeous. I'm hoping if I'm nice to her she'll donate more for the next camp. Fingers crossed. (HINT, HANNAH.)

You can see more of Hannah's work at her Flickr page here. You can contact her for custom orders here. Yay!

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Internet, I'm hard at work on your number one request -- "Dewit: Accessorize Your Objects" -- and you'll see that tomorrow.

But first, I'd like to direct your attention to my right-hand sidebar, where, after a whopping 10 years, I have finally begun to accept advertisers. And what a fabulous group of sponsors to start with. Let's take a look:

Etsy Stalker: Beatrice and Violet, the curators of Etsy Stalker, are committed to promoting professional artists and handmade goods. Their site was created to highlight the best of these on Etsy. Also, they just find some real cute stuff.


Shop Furbish: Don't you know who Furbish is, son? Well, I will tell you. It's Jamie Meares, buying up sofas and tables and all manner of sad old furniture, and re-covering that shizz to turn it into decorating gold. Also, she has super awesome pillows, jewelry, and accessories. So go there. Buy things. Tell her you sent me, so she will give me these chairs for free.


Alphabet Concepts: Ann Burr's initials are also ABC, which means she is already cool. Her site is, quote, "a place to house ideas, thoughts and creations." Now, although Ann Burr doesn't embrace the serial comma, I can tell you that her site is still great. And also, Ann Burr is a video whiz: whatever kind of life you lead, she can document it, creating a video that you will want to watch and keep forever. She also sits near President Obama from time to time.


Wantist.com: Wantist is the site you wish you had known about that one time you needed a gift for your father-in-law who doesn't like anything but Barcaloungers and bologna sandwiches. The site helps you search by person and/or type, and it is adorable to boot. So, you are searching for a practical, quirky, engaging, outdoorsy type? Wantist can help. (PS, that person I just described is annoying.) Oh, and not only will Wantist help you find the perfect gift, they will give you suggestions on how to WRAP IT. Take that, bologna sandwich!


Tomato Nation: Sarah Bunting, aka "Sars," aka "Hateful Buntsy" around these parts, has been writing online since you could smoke cigarettes on an airplane. She is also: a) my former editor at Television Without Pity; b) a grammarian without peer; c) able to match me glass-for-glass in any sort of drinking contest; d) a pretty lady; e) a brilliant writer; and f) a nice friend who bought an ad because she loves me.


iSockit by Blythe King: Blythe invented iSockit in 2005, when she needed a simple pocket to protect her computer from scuffs and scratches. She hand-crafts her iSockits from only vintage materials, mostly collected from the great states of Louisiana and Virginia. Aside from the padding, no new materials are used in the making of the products. The cases will fit your iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro, and more. Blythe cuts, stitches, packs, and ships every order by hand, and someday she will go blind.

(Full disclosure: Blythe's main man George Washington Hardy IV has been one of my best friends since time immemorial. He taught me everything I know about mint juleps.)

And that's it, folks. I'm so happy to introduce you to all of these great companies + sites, and I hope you will enjoy them just as much as I do.

And to you, sweet sponsors: We're in love. You know it. Thank you all.

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