Y'all, we are finished with the bathroom. Well, kind of finished: there is a floor, and water comes out of the places it's supposed to and stays in the places it's supposed to. We still have to paint baseboards and whatnot, but it's basically done.

I don't know if I told you this, but we were recently asked to participate in a home tour to benefit the Northeast Louisiana Children's Museum. So, you know, not stressful at all to get the house ready while also renovating the bathroom. I know, it is our own damn fault. Anyway, the house tour was on Saturday, and there was a little party for the tour house owners on Friday night. I had to leave the (awesome) party to check on our (awesome) plumber. At midnight. While he installed the bathtub.

Here we are installing the sub-floor over the existing tile:

And here is a tiny glimpse of the final product. Y'all know I can't be showing you everything until it's all perfect. Soon! So very, very soon. As soon as I gather up the energy to break out the paint cans. Again.

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