I am going out of town again. This time, it's for a weekend retreat. I know, I am working super hard these last two weeks of my job. But y'all, it is for a good reason. I have to NETWORK, OKAY? God.

Please allow me to assuage you with photos from last weekend at SxSW. Here is a picture of me and Maggie, in which I am clutched to her breast. I will see Maggie this weekend:

I will not see Holly, but that is because she is probably still hungover from this night, and from all of the queso she ate.

Helen Jane wants you to understand her glitter + cowboy outfit.

Helen Jane also wants you to leave her and her sangria gallon ALONE.

Here is The Bloggess. She is famous for doing a bunch of stuff that made people mad. She's cute and nice.

And finally, here is an adorable teenager with a cat named Senator (not at SxSW, just in my house.)

OK, so y'all don't be sad. I will be back next week with more exciting posts. I may even post while I'm gone. You don't know! Whatever! Au revoir!

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