Have y'all heard of The Urban Animal Scientist? I hadn't either, until I saw it on awesome Design Crush's blog last week, and now I am in love. I feel that it is a quality dog product, and y'all, I have been through some dog products. Hank Chao has the jaws of a Rottweiler and the tenacity of a Lab (fitting, since he is both). Hank Chao has never met a Nylabone he couldn't destroy in seconds flat. Hank Chao, my friends, eats rocks for fun.

Don't be trying to look so innocent, buddy. I saw what you did to ALL OF MY FLIP-FLOPS.

Anyway, although Hank is a brute, that doesn't mean he isn't stylish. And that is where these cute animal scientists come in. Check out the collar that I'm getting him:

Indian silk? Military grade nylon webbing? Heavy duty thread? I am in.

They also have doggie shampoo.

Listen to this:

The aroma of a lush herb garden ready for harvest! Wash 1 is a potent yet soothing union of fresh basil, sage, and tomato leaf.

Oh, you want me to wash my dog in that? My dog, who most often smells like a combination of the river and a dead nutria rat? BRING IT ON.

In sum, Hank Chao is about to be spoiled-er. He may eat rocks, but he'll be the most stylish rock-eatin' dog I know.

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