When I was staying with Maggie lo, those many months ago (July), it occurred to me that every time she fixed Hank's dinner, or a simple drink, or even a late-night snack, she took extra time to make the presentation look beautiful. For example, here is what happened when I asked her for a cocktail late one night.

We were in our ratty old sweats, watching So You Think You Can Dance, and out she walked with this. I nearly wept. It just felt so thoughtful and kind. And it was.

Now, I am no stranger to making things look pretty (I have been known to arrange golf balls in a pleasing fashion), but I am going to start applying this skill to more pedestrian moments. It takes all of two extra minutes, but the results last forever in your heart. OH MY GOD I AM JUST KIDDING. It does make you feel happy, though, and I am all for that.

Making this happen is so easy it barely needs instructions, but I am going to tell you how to do it anyway. Here's how I would (and did!) make my 5:00 drink extra-pretty this week:

First, gather up all your supplies and cute stuff. All of these things were within arm's reach in my kitchen. My mom bought me the old medicine bottles and that INSANE vintage poufy flower. (Made out of old patterns and black tulle! And sparkles.) You really just need one or two extraneous pretty items: I used these bottles; Maggie used a tiny vase with yard flowers and a special lime-holding glass.

Next, corral your supplies all together on a tray. Do you own a silver tray? Why not? They are practically free and elevate everything on them due to their shininess and reflecting properties. Also, they're kind of fancy. Mine is inherited from my daddy (RIP; DDC!), whose initials are engraved on it. I use it for everything.

The wine is a mid-range one which I chose for the label, a method I use to choose many of my wines (it is Leese-Fitch Pinot Noir, and actually very good). The glass is part of my wedding set (the pattern is Waterford Lismore, for the two of you who are interested). Pro tip: If you are hiring a person to stand near you to hold a towel and pour wine, please make sure they are wearing something nicer than jeans and a white tee. It's all I could manage on short notice. Because I had to be my own worker.

Aaaaaand, pour. See how easy that was? And your Wednesday night wine just got way better.

Y'all try it this weekend and report back. I want pictures. Cheers!

Photos: Ben Corda (TEARS)

Friends, it's been quite a week and I am feeling kind of lazeballs. I can't tell you specifically how many trade applications I found, printed, filled out, scanned, and emailed, but it was somewhere in the neighborhood of EIGHT FRILLION. Also I did some design work. Also I made cookies and got mad at my hair. Also I tried begging friends and acquaintances to buy ads on my site, like some sort of sad old begging beggar. I only need TWO MORE, DAMN Y'ALL.

Anyway. Right now I am drinking a nice rose and ordering fabric samples from all of the various places I applied to get into. That's right, kids. Decorating is like college, except you have to have a big old bank account, three references, and a resale certificate. But, you know, then they send you pretty stuff. Shout-out to my lovers at Designers Guild.

What else? OH. I am so excited about my boyfriend Ryan Adams's new album (dropping October 11) that I can't stand it. There are a few preview songs in various places online, but this one gives me the chills real bad. Right now Chris Huff is rolling his eyes and varminting simultaneously, but Big Boozie's (this is my nickname for Chris; I am Li'l Boozie, of course.) lifelong hatred of my man Ryan moves me not. After all, I don't really care that REM broke up, and I'm sure he finds that equally truly outrageous.

Here is a picture of me right now, on my porch in front of the cat food table.

Please note hideous pigtails, old-timey sweatshirt, and Target scarf coupled with for-realz Waterford crystal + pricy wine. High and low, y'all. It's the only way to live.

This entry is super-weird and disjointed and feels like I'm writing from 2001, or something. Hey, do y'all want to hear about my emotions and whatnot? No? FINE.

I haven't even gotten to the point of the whole post, which is that I wanted y'all to tell me what kind of Dewit to do next. So far I've done art-hanging and bed-making. What do you want to see now? I'm game for anything. So, you know, tell me. Dewit.

Farewell, nice people. I hope your weekend is filled with naps and hamburgers.

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